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Database FAQ and Troubleshooter

Many common problems can be identified and solved using our Database FAQ & Troubleshooter. If you don't see your problem listed here or if you still can't resolve it, of course you can always contact us. Also check Database News & Notes for details on individual database or system wide problems.

Help us help you by including us a much detail as possible: which database(s) you tried, what type of computer you're using (PC or Mac, mobile device, etc.), browser type (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari), the text of any error messages you've received (reading to us on the phone, or copying and pasting the text and /or sending a screenshot is especially helpful), etc.

  • Always access databases from our database pages rather than searching Google for the URL, which may give you outdated or other non-working links!
  • If you have trouble with a specific database, make sure you've checked the + next to the name on the list; sometimes there are extra steps (e.g. registering, using a second user name and password, using or avoiding a specific browser) that you need to know before you try to log in.
  • If your FIT account isn't working and you need to access similar databases right away, try Online Resources for Non-FIT Students.
  1. Why can't I get into the databases?
    1a. I'm getting one of these error messages: 400
  2. I logged in with my user name and password , but I'm still not able to get all the way into the database I want now what?
  3. I tried to create an account at the Database I want, but it still doesn't work--why not?
  4. I'm still stuck, what can I do?


Question/Problem Possible Explanation How To Resolve It
1) WHY CAN'T I GET INTO ANY OF THE DATABASES? You're not a current FIT student or employee You must be a currently registered FIT student or current employee to use FIT databases remotely. Alumni do not have access.
Try Online Resources for Non-FIT students.
  You left FIT / graduated / skipped a semester or more, and have come back (full- or part-time).

When you are not taking classes, you lose your access privileges to Library databases (due to contractual agreements with the database publishers). When you return, you may be in the FIT system as both "current student" and "alumni."
Check to see if you can get into other sources that require FIT login, such as Blackboard, MyFIT, or campus computers. If those are okay but you just can't get into the databases, contact IT for FIT and let them know that you are a returning student.
  You don't know your username and/or password. To access our databases, use the same username and password that you use for MyFIT, Blackboard, FIT email, and for logging on to campus computers. If you changed your password from the default (birthday) password, use the new one.
  You forgot your password or it expired. See IT for FIT for information on resetting or retrieving your password.
  Entering your email address ([email protected]) instead of your user name (firstname_lastname) When you're asked for a user name and password on any FIT site (any website with a fitnyc.edu  OR fitsuny.edu address)--including in a popup window--just enter your user name (firstname_lastname); don't add @fitnyc.edu.
  Pop-ups are blocked. All databases require login with an FIT username and password; often the login screen is a pop-up window. If so, disable any pop-up blockers for this site.
  You are using a computer that has a firewall or anti-virus software on it (e.g. a computer at work or in a public place, your own computer where you can change settings). The problem may be the security settings on your computer, a firewall, or virus-blocking software. This is a common problem when using a computer at work. We suggest that you do not disable security settings on an office computer, but instead talk to your company's IT department about a solution. Try checking whether your computer is blocking cookies from FIT or from the specific databases you are trying to open. You may need to ask about changing security settings to be able open the page(s).

For help with these technical issues only, contact your workplace IT department (for computers at your work) OR IT for FIT if you're using your own computer. You may call:
212 217-HELP for students
212 217-TECH for employees


Various connection problems Try clearing you browser history or cache. If that doesn't work, try opening the page in a private or incognito window or tab.
2) I LOGGED IN WITH MY FIT USERNAME AND PASSWORD BUT I'M STILL NOT ABLE TO GET ALL THE WAY INTO THE DATABASE I WANT--NOW WHAT? Some databases require extra log in steps, creating an account, and/or registering at their site. You have to log in each time you use that site.

These procedures change often, so even a database that you used before may not work the way it used to.

Always access databases through the databases list, and click on the + sign after each database name to look for the most up-to-date special instructions. 
These databases have special registration instructions:
•    Business of Fashion
•    Coloro Workspace
•    GFK MRI  University Reporter
•    Material ConneXion 
•    New York Times Academic Pass
•    Peclers(+)
•    Sophicolor
•    WGSN  (fashion, insight, lifestyle & Interiors)
•    WWD Digital Daily
Click on the + sign next to each database name and follow instructions exactly.

These databases require you to log in once with your FIT user name and password, and take you to a page with additional instructions listed:
Doneger | Doneger Creative Services
Intimate Apparel Journal
Home Furnishings Retailers Database/ Chain Store Guide
Kantar Media Ad$pender
Salesman's Guide
Trend Council

If you are given a password, registration code or other info you need to continue, make sure you enter it exactly as it appears for example, all upper or lower case.
Be careful if you copy and paste the information as you may accidentally pick up an extra space or character that will cause an error.

Often you will have to use your FIT email address (not Gmail etc.) to register. You can generally pick your own password, which does not have be the same as your FIT password. Remember that you are required to change your FIT password periodically, so if you use the same one initially when you register at a database, you might get them mixed up later on.

Once registered within a database, it usually asks you to log in with your email. Make sure it's in the form of a full email address ([email protected]) and not just the username (firstname_lastname) that you would use to log into computers on campus, MyFIT, the general database access login, etc.
This step may appear after you have al;ready logged into the FIT network, or before if you are taken to a page to create an account.

Be patient; even when you have to log in up to 3 times--with different user names and passwords--the process is pretty quick. But if you're stuck, please let us know and ask us to help you resolve the problem.

  Some databases or sections of databases don't work well or at all in certain browsers. Generally, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari will work, but others may not , and specific databases are incompatible even with those browsers.
Internet Explorer may or may not work depending on the version you're using. Computers in the library and other labs on campus campus are generally IE version 8 and are not compatible with the FIT website in general. If you have a later version on your own computer or device, it may work for you.
If one doesn't work, try another.  You may also need to update to a more recent version of a specific browser.
Look at any compatibility notes or warnings posted on the databases pages, or on Database News & Notes.
  You get an error message, even after using the same or similar ones before with no problems.

The browser "remembers" that you've used that database or another one from the same company and that somehow interferes with your access.
Clear your browser cache/history/cookies. OR Try a different browser that hasn't been used with those databases recently. This is a known problem with several companies' databases that doesn't seem to be otherwise resolvable by the companies.
You used the wrong email (non-FIT) OR tried a username rather than a full email address. Use your FIT email address (not Gmail, etc.) to register. You can generally pick your own password, which does not have to be the same as your FIT password. Remember that you have to change your FIT password periodically so that if you use the same one initially when you register at a database, you might get them mixed up later on. Occasionally the database will assign you a password rather than let you choose.

Sometimes you have to get a confirmation email to click through before you can continue. Also note if you are assigned a password or any other information you need to know to continue.

Once registered with/in a database, it usually asks you to log in with your email. If that's the case, make sure you use the form of a full email address ([email protected]) and not just the username (firstname_lastname) that you use to log into computers on campus, MyFIT, the general database access login, etc.
  You have to get a confirmation email before you can continue. Check your email (usually your FIT email, and including the spam folder) for the confirmation message, note any special instructions, and then click through to get into the database.
There may be a temporary problem with a specific database or with the entire log in system. If one database doesn't work, try a different one. If you're only having trouble with one, its probably an issue on that site only. Wait a few minutes and try again.
If several don't work, there may be a temporary network problem. Wait a few minutes and try again.
  There may be another problem we haven't addressed here. Let us know! We may be able to talk you through a solution.