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Forecasting & Trend Reporting

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Click on Plus Sign after each listing for details you might need--description of the database PLUS additional login or account creation information, browser compatibility notices etc.


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Fashion Snoops Database See details.

The MY FS area of Fashion Snoops is not functioning. They are working to resolve the problem. 


Users are required to create a MY FS account 

Trend reports & forecasting for fashion. Use Mozilla/Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer (version 10 and up only - older versions of Internet Explorer are not compatible).

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Peclers(+) Database See details.
Firefox must be used - database does not work in other browsers

1. Visit the website through our Library database page

2. Create an individual account on Peclers(+) using your FIT email

3. Check your FIT email for your activation link from Peclers(+)

4.  Log in with using your Peclers(+) account after authentication through our databases to access the service

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Sophicolor Database See details.

Register for an account here using your FIT email.

In the Company field, enter "FIT," and for job title enter "FIT Student" or "FIT Faculty" 

You will receive an email from Sophicolor once your account has been approved.



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