HS International Trade and Marketing Course Descriptions

Do you want your career to take you from New York to Tokyo to Turkey? Explore international trade and marketing careers with apparel manufacturers, textile and textile-related manufacturers, retailers, governments, distribution areas, international trade banks, and shipping services.

Please note: Not all courses are offered each semester

HIN 101 Global Fashion Marketing
Fashion is a global industry, but do you know what roles various countries play in getting fashion to market? And how do you market your brand to diverse cultures? Learn the basic concepts and principles of global marketing while also exploring the ethical and social issues that face the industry today. You'll gain insight into global fashion brand strategies and discover how to keep current in the ever-evolving global markets. (You can skip this summer class if you've already taken HIN 131)

HIN 131 International Fashion Marketing
It's a small world, but how do you market fashion to it? This introductory course will teach you the basics of international marketing for the fashion industries. You will learn the evolution and characteristics of global markets, how to identify global marketing targets, and how to formulate international marketing strategies. You will also analyze ethical and social issues affecting the international marketing of fashion products.

HIN 132 Passport to International Fashion
Pack your passport and take off to exciting international cities! Get an insider's look at the fashion capitals: London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, New Delhi, etc. Learn how to successfully handle contrasting cultural values, culture shock, non-verbal, oral, and written communication patterns, global etiquette, business, and social customs, as well as how intercultural negotiations can promote the success of global fashion companies. Gallery