FIT utilizes a system of grades and grade values to evaluate student performance.  A grade will be awarded at the end of each term by the instructor to indicate a student's academic achievement in a credit-bearing course. 

 A = 4.0
 A- = 3.7
 B+ = 3.3
 = 3.0
 B- = 2.7
 C+ = 2.3
 = 2.0
 C- = 1.7
 = 1.0
 F = 0.0

 IF = Incomplete F A grade noted as an IN grade, after the next 15-week semester, will convert to a grade of F, and will show as IF on the student's academic transcript.  An IF grade is equivalent to an F grade.
 IN = Incomplete An IN grade is a temporary grade requested by the student and assigned by the instructor only when the student has nearly completed the course requirements, but because of extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control, the work cannot be completed by the end of the term.  An IN grade is computed as a P until an appropriate letter grade is submitted.
 IP = In Progress An IP grade indicates a Master’s thesis is in progress. It is converted to the appropriate letter grade when the student’s thesis is completed, or becomes an F if matriculation is not maintained.
 L = Audit An L grade is issued only for an audited course and is not calculated in a student’s GPA.  Auditing a course is only an option for non-degree students.
 P= Pass A P grade is not calculated in the GPA, but credit is received and recorded on the academic transcript.
 Pass/Fail Grade Option For information on the pass/fail grading option, refer to the FIT catalog’s procedure for Pass/Fail.  
 S = Satisfactory  S grade meets course prerequisite and graduation requirements, but is not calculated in GPA. S grade is available for remote semesters due to COVID.
 T = Transfer Credit A T grade is entered for transfer credit awarded and is not calculated into a student’s GPA.
 WD = Student-Initiated Authorized Withdrawal A final grade of WD is assigned by submitting a Course Withdrawal form.  A WD grade is not calculated into the grade point average (GPA). Withdrawal grades are final.
 WF = Unauthorized Withdrawal  If a student stops attending a class without submitting a Course Withdrawal form, a WF will be assigned on the final grade roster. A WF grade is equivalent to an F grade.  Withdrawal grades are final.
 Z = No Grade Entered A Z grade indicates the instructor did not submit a final grade for the student by the grade-processing deadline. It does not affect the student’s GPA.   It is converted to the appropriate letter grade when the instructor submits the grade earned, or becomes a ZF grade if the instructor does not change the Z grade.  
 ZF = No Grade Entered F A grade noted as a Z, after the next 15-week semester, will convert to a grade of F and will show as ZF on the transcript.  A ZF grade is equivalent to an F grade.

Grade Point Average (GPA) 

The grade point average is a number representing the average value of the accumulated final grades earned in courses. More commonly called a GPA, a student's grade point average is calculated with credits for courses receiving grades.  The following grades are utilized in determining grade point averages: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D, F, IF, WF, and ZF. 

GPA is calculated using the following formula:
            Credits x Grade Point Value = Quality Points;
            Quality Points ÷ Credits = GPA

Grade Notations

 * = Developmental Course Notation
    This indicator demonstrates a developmental course.  The grade received is not calculated in the student’s GPA.

 > = Repeated Course Notation
    This indicator demonstrates a grade in a course that has been repeated.

A course with a grade of F, IF, WA, WD, WF, or ZF may be repeated.  If a student receives a grade of F or equivalent to F, the original grade permanently remains on the student’s official transcript; If a student repeats the course, only the last grade earned will be included
in the GPA.

Internship (IC) Courses may be taken a maximum of two times per degree program; only the first in the degree program will count toward the degree requirements; only the first in the degree program will qualify towards financial aid.   

Grade Appeals

In the event a student seeks to dispute a final grade, students should refer to the procedures set forth in Grade Appeal Procedures excerpted from the FIT Student Handbook, Rights and Responsibilities Section.  

» Grade Appeal Process


Students who are currently enrolled may obtain their final grades for a specific semester, or a complete record of their grades, by accessing MyFIT.

Former students and current students may order official and unofficial transcripts online

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