Personal Branding and Startup Marketing Plan Certificate

Develop your startup lifestyle marketing & branding plan

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This certificate is an accelerated interactive course that provides lectures, discussions, examinations of case studies, one-on-one mentorship, brand development workshops, and projects. You will learn how to market and brand a startup—develop your own brand identity and plan top strategies. In this program you will gain new insights, knowledge and skills you can apply to your brand. You will explore and understand the fundamentals of marketing and branding—the importance of brand identity, crafting your brand story, brand development for maximum growth, brand communication, and go-to-market strategy.

This certificate is ideal for entrepreneurs that want to strengthen or launch their own brand, professionals interested in brand development and strategy, and individuals that want to increase their fundamental knowledge of the brand development process. This certificate will essentially provide you with one-on-one mentorship to develop your plan. 


  • Post-It notes
  • Sharpie
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Laptop or desktop computer that is capable of running the latest browser
  • Built-in or external webcam and speakers

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Note: This certificate was previously titled Personal Branding and Marketing.

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Learn How To

  • Understand your brand position that differentiate you from your competition
  • Craft your brand story with a designer’s mindset
  • Develop your brand visual identity
  • Learn to create engaging and relevant brand communication
  • Discover how to leverage your position for brand extensions
  • Analyze and learn how to conduct influencer campaigns
  • Plan a go-to-market strategy

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Why FIT?

  • One-on-one mentorship to develop your plan
  • Essentials of marketing strategy
  • You will learn and create an initial lifestyle marketing and branding plan, which will enable you to continue the development of your brand
  • Classes taught by top industry experts
  • Earn a certificate from FIT/SUNY, a world renowned college of art and design, business and technology

From Students

“I enrolled in PBM to learn the secrets of branding, find direction for my personal ideas, and help set the course for the next steps in my creative journey. Christina shares both her wisdom and professional experience in the worlds of branding and marketing in a way that is fresh, inspiring, and comprehensive. She requires you to focus your ideas, do the work, and in the end I had something foundational and transformative to be proud of. Not only did I get clarity on my aspirations and some real world skills, taking this course with Christina affirmed vital things about who I am and encouraged me to be who I want to be in the world.”

“This course has been so enriching, enlightening, and inspiring. Professor "Tina" is a very special person, very sensitive, and she loves to teach. She is an amazing mentor and guide, she is very generous with her knowledge and her insights and feedback was very sharp and right on point. I love that she has impeccable taste and her vast experience and how she transmits all that knowledge to you, makes this course really invaluable. She gave us the opportunity to meet and learn from outstanding and successful professionals in the fields of Public Relations, Personal Branding, Communications and Event Planning -which made this experience even better than I ever thought. This course is a must for EVERYONE looking to take the path of entrepreneurship in every field. I am so grateful for this wonderful experience of not only learning from the Professor, but also learning from my peers and sharing our experiences, doubts and objectives together. I really hope this does not end here, because I am looking forward to continue to learn from Prof. Christina Lee in any other courses she is in!”

“This course came at a perfect time of my life. It helped me organize my ideas and vision. Christina’s style of teaching was clear and understandable. I loved the exercise which made the course engaging and fun. Personal Brand and Marketing is the perfect name for this course. I gained so much insight about building a brand storyboard, falling in love brand and self as you tell your story. It was my hardest challenge for me because I am so private, I really share what I want to share. I realize my story is what makes my brand. The course helped me envision myself and how far I want to take my brand. Research is key to whatever market or interest you have! I will definitely recommend this course.”

“Thank you doesn’t adequately express my gratitude for the experience you have given me in this class. Your personal story really resonated with me from the start and the way that you taught this class was helpful not only in an educational way, but even more in a spiritual and uplifting way. You have a gift to make someone feel appreciated and special, and this showed throughout the whole 8 weeks of this course. Thank you for taking your time to teach me all the greatness, passion, love, dedication, and hard work that goes behind each and every business. Your kindness will always be a huge memory of this class. Wishing you all the best to you, lots of positivity and beautiful energy.”

Meet Your Instructor

Christina Lee

Christina Lee
Principal, thebrandingteam and Adjunct, Fashion Business Management, FIT

Christina Lee has over 20 years of lifestyle branding and multicultural marketing experience; specializing in brand strategy, development and management for talents and brands in fashion, sports, and entertainment. Her expertise is extending brands through strategic and creative development. Christina is currently the principal of thebrandingteam and an Adjunct at FIT.
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Past Guest Speakers

Keesha Johnson, Founder TYPE K Consulting
Clients: Def Jam Recordings, Alicia Keys, Vitamin Water, 50 Cent, Sports Illustrated, Sean Diddy Combs 

Patricia McNamee, PR & Experiential Events Consultant
Clients: NYFW, Jet Aviation, Sundance Film Festival, Saks Fifth Avenue, Christies, Rolls Royce


  • Brand Overview | Defining the brand
    Define the opportunity, problem, and solution of your brand for today’s market.
  • Brand Story | Crafting the identity
    Craft the brand story through the brand messaging, personality (tone and voice), content, image identification, and overall direction. Define the brands purpose, mission, and vision statement.
  • Visual Identity | Building your Brand Style Guide
    Create a brand experience that the consumer will always remember your brand art. Name, trademark, communication, and visual appearance.
  • Marketing Strategy | Create a plan for growth
  • Brand Awareness | Communication strategy
  • Brand Development | Understanding and position your brand for partnerships
  • Influencer Marketing | Create an influencer brand activation campaign
  • Peer Workshare & Consultation

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