Bias Crime Prevention

Policy No. SS006

Policy Statement

The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT or the "college") is committed to ensuring respect for the members of its diverse community. The college has therefore established practices to protect all members of the FIT community from hate crimes that occur within the campus jurisdiction. Hate crimes, also called bias crimes or bias-related crimes, are criminal activities motivated by the perpetrators bias or attitude against an individual victim or group based on perceived or actual personal characteristics, such as race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. To help ensure an environment free of such hateful acts, the college has enacted policies and procedures to inform incoming students how these hate crimes can be prevented on campus. Accordingly, FIT will provide information to incoming students regarding bias-related crime and its prevention.

Who is Affected by this Policy

  • All members of the FIT community

Policy Information

  • Responsible Administrator(s): Deputy to the President, Office of the President
  • Responsible Office(s): Affirmative Action/Title IX Coordinator
  • Implementation History: Last Updated June 2018
  • Contact(s): Title IX Coordinator/Affirmative Action Officer; Department of Public Safety; Dean of Students

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SS006, Bias Crime Prevention (.pdf)
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