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The FIT website is the college’s primary communications channel for information and news for many audiences, from prospective and current students to media, alumni, the FIT community, industry, donors, and the public. For most audiences, it’s our first point of contact.

The site provides comprehensive, timely content while capitalizing on FIT’s strong visual identity, with video and interactive features as well as compelling still images. It’s a powerful tool in telling the FIT story.

CER is responsible for the content and development of the entire site and oversees high-level institutional pages, but many members of the community are essential partners in providing, managing and editing additional web content. We provide training for web editors, who are responsible for maintaining and updating pages in their areas. For more, visit Web Publishing at FIT.

The digital team, in collaboration with other CER units, provides and/or assists with:

  • Web/digital content strategy to engage audiences on the website and social media
  • Training for departmental editors in the OmniUpdate OUCampus enterprise system
  • Consultation on webpages for a user-friendly experience
  • Email marketing and e-newsletter templates
  • Analytics and reports for program pages and campaigns
  • Web development work within OU Campus

Please make an inquiry if you have questions about a web service.

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Tiers of Website Content Requests

  • Tier 1:  CER Initiates Request: This includes updates for which there is a timely purpose, such as a major event or initiative, or when information needs to be widely publicized.
  • Tier 2: Department or Division Initiates Request: A department or division will reach out to CER to request new webpage(s) or to make significant changes to existing webpage(s). 
  • Tier 3: Daily Requests for Digital Team: The college’s web editors submit time-sensitive requests to update minor items on a page, such as phone numbers, adding an announcement, deleting a word or sentence that is no longer accurate or relative, and image replacement. Fill out this form web requests/updates

Other Websites

Please note that when creating web content on behalf of FIT on any platform, you should follow FIT's Web Content Policy and Web Accessibility Statement (all websites must meet WCAG 2.0 AA compliance guidelines).

Become an Editor

If you are interested in becoming an editor on the main FIT site, learn about Web Publishing at FIT.


Interested in starting a blog? Learn more about blogging options and review FIT's Blogging Policy to see if it is the right platform for your department or program. 

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