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Conference Schedule

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Schedule: April 13-16, 2021

Join us for this year's virtual conference focusing on changemakers in sustainability.
The conference program will spotlight leadership in social justice, diversity, corporate responsibility, and innovation in the fashion industry. Students, faculty, industry leaders, and entrepreneurs, from FIT and numerous other institutions, will come together to learn about emerging trends, network with peers, and share innovative solutions for a sustainable future. The digital event will run from April 13 through April 16 and be available for registered attendees through Earth Day on April 22. 

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Virtual Sustainability

Host: Amber Valletta, Model, activist, and social impact entrepreneur

Changemaker in Sustainable Innovation Honoree:
Stacy Flynn, FIT Alumni, Co-Founder and CEO, Evrnu

Changemaker in Corporate Sustainability Honoree: 
Eileen Fisher, Founder, EILEEN FISHER, Inc.

Changemaker in Social Impact Honoree: 
Abrima Eriwah, Co-founder and President,
Studio One Eighty Nine

Please note the Virtual Sustainability Awards is a ticketed event 



1:00 pm

1:15 pm

1:20 pm

Conference Welcome

Dr. Joyce F. Brown, FIT President

Karisma Hishikawa, FIT Student, Land Acknowledgment 

Dr. Karen Pearson, FIT Sustainability Council Chair

1:30 pm 

Keynote Speaker

Stacy Flynn

Stacy Flynn, FIT Alumni, Co-Founder and CEO, Evrnu

3:00 pm

Changemakers in Circular Design -
One x One - The First Science - Fashion Accelerator 

Dao-Yi ChowPublic School NY
Dr. Theanne Schiros, FIT
Moderator: Céline SemaanSlow Factory Foundation  

4:00 pm

Changemakers in Circular Design - FIT BioDesign Students 

Dr. Evelyn Rynkiewicz, FIT
Tessa Callaghan, Algiknit
Mitchell Henderson, FIT Alumni
Moderator: Veena Vijayakumar, BioDesign Challenge 

5:00 pm

Changemakers in Equity - Person First: Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive’s Approach to Fashion for All

Sarah Horton, Tommy Hilfiger
Lolo Spencer, Disability Lifestyle Influencer
Beth Broughton, Firefish


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11:00 am

Keynote Speaker 

Keynote of Social Impact

Abrima Eriwah, Co- founder and President,
Studio One Eighty Nine


Changemakers in Equity - Community Building with a Sustainable Edge

Tabitha St. Bernard Jacobs, Founding member, Women's March, and Fashion Designer
Ngozi Okaro, Custom Collaborative 
Mara Hoffman, Founder and Creative Director, Mara Hoffman
Moderator: Swati Argade, Bhoomki 

1:00 pm

Changemakers in Equity - Inclusion by Design 

Estela LugoHereditary Neuropathy Foundation
Mindy Scheier, Runway of Dreams
Christina Mallon, Wunderman Thompson
Grace Miquelon, FIT Alumni
Moderator: Amy Sperber, FIT 

2:00 pm 

Changemakers in Human Rights - The True Cost: Where are We Now 

Andrew Morgan, Filmmaker/ Producer
Lucy Siegle, Journalist & Writer 
Vanessa Barboni Hallik, Another Tomorrow

3:00 pm

Changemakers in Circularity - Building a Zero Waste Business 

Lauren Singer, Package Free Shop
Mitchell Henderson, FIT Alumni 


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11:00 am

Keynote Speaker 

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher, Founder, EILEEN FISHER, Inc.


Changemakers in Human Rights - Innovations in Period Products

Karla Welch, The Period Company
Arianne Phillips, Costume Designer

1:00 pm 

Changemakers in Materials Innovation 

Cyrill Gutsch, Parley for the Oceans
Suzanne LeeBiofabricate
Borre Akkersdijk, Byborre

2:00 pm 

Changemakers in Media  - Using Social Platforms for Change 

Natalie Grillon, Ethical Creators & Open Apparel Registry  
Blair Imani, Author & Activist
Sophia Li, Journalist and Film Director
Doina Ciobanu, Influencer, Model, and Sustainability Advocate

3:00 pm

Changemakers in Media  - More than Clickbait: How to use Social Storytelling for  Meaningful Sustainability 

Wendy Li, YouTuber
Danielle Milton, YouTube
Sasha Arijanto, YouTube

4:00 PM

Changemakers in Business - Defining Timeless Style–the Past, Present, and Future of Ralph Lauren 

Devon Leahy, Ralph Lauren 
Michael Rider, Polo 

5:00 pm

Changemakers in Technology 

Jacqueline CorbelliSustainChain™
Julia PerrySustainChain™
Elizabeth CabralPurpose and Perspective
Lewis Perkins, Apparel Impact Institute


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5:00 pm

Closing Keynote Speaker 

Dr. Mark Liu

Dr. Mark Liu, Fashion and Textile Designer 

11:00 am

Changemakers in Design and Education - Design x Science or Science x Design? 

Dr. Yuly Fuentes, MIT


Changemakers in Education-  Education of Women and Girls, A Global Challenge and UN Sustainable Development Goal 

Gelila Bekele, Model, Activist, Documentary Filmmaker 
Asmeret Berhe-Lumax, Fashion & Beauty Executive, Activist, Founder of One Love Community Fridge
Dr. Theanne Schiros, FIT
Moderator: Dr. Deborah Berhanu, FIT 

1:00 pm

Changemakers in Media - Sustainable Voices in the Fashion Industry 

Brittany Sierra,Sustainable Fashion Forum
Ayesha Barenblat, re/make
Whitney Bauck, Fashionista
Moderator: Karina Givargisoff, Mission Magazine 

2:00 pm

Changemakers in Interdisciplinary Learning - Alumni Reflect on “Ecology and Photography,” an Interdisciplinary Course

Keith Ellenbogen, FIT
Dr. Arthur Kopelman, Retired FIT Faculty and Distinguished Service Professor 
Featuring former FIT students: 
Megan Webber
Taylor Larson
Laura Cervini

3:00 pm

Changemakers in Circularity - Your Brand's Place in the Circular Economy

Logan Duran, Tapestry 
Adam Siegel, Recurate 
Danielle Nkojo, Kantoor Brands 
Marie Driscoll, Coresight Research  

4:00 pm

Changemakers in Materials Innovation 

Hana Kajimura, Allbirds
Sara Mullins, FIT