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Q. What programs does FIT offer besides fashion?
Q. What is Gender Neutral Fashion?
Q. What programs does FIT offer besides fashion?A: You think that when you're studying at a fashion school that your opportunities may be limited to that, but truthfully, FIT services many industries and entertainment happens to be one of them. Explore FIT Programs

Being a student at FIT was really important and impactful in my life, not only because it brought me to New York City, but also because of all the opportunities that it afforded me, because FIT is so well known across all industries.

Raina FalconAdvertising and Marketing Communications '05, Senior Vice President of Communications for HBO and Max Original Content. Play video
Raina Falcon, Advertising and Marketing Communications '05
Q. What is Gender Neutral Fashion?A:  Some principles I use when designing gender neutral clothes is just blowing up whatever I thought was for men and what was traditionally for women. Learn more about the business of gender neutral fashion

"I really feel FIT gave me the tools not just in the classroom, but the ability to network and meet people and take internships that really got me to where I am today.

Bentley WederskiFashion Business Management ’20 who launched his own company, UTILITARIAN
Bentley Wederski sitting in a chair


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At FIT, you’ll take a giant leap into your future-focused career. Whatever your chosen field, we’ll help you find your niche in the creative economy. Start by finding the program that’s right for you.

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