Health and Safety

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This page is no longer being actively updated. For the latest information on FIT's COVID-19 guidelines, visit

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Face Masks

FIT no longer requires face masks be worn in FIT buildings.

Vaccinations and Boosters

  • Students will continue to be required to be vaccinated and are encouraged to be boostered. Employees are highly encouraged to be both vaccinated and boostered. 
  • Moderna COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are available on campus. Log in to the FIT Health Services portal or call Health Services at (212) 217-4190 to schedule an appointment. See details on our Vaccinations page.
  • Free flu shots are also available to the FIT community. Log in to the FIT Health Services portal or call Health Services at (212) 217-4190 to schedule an appointment. 


  • If you test positive for COVID-19, you should not come to class (students) or to work (employees). You may return five (5) days after a positive test or symptom onset. (The day you tested positive or noticed symptoms is considered Day 0, thus you may return to campus on Day 6.) If you continue to have symptoms after this time period, contact FIT Health Services or your physician for further guidance.
  • Individuals who test through Health Services and are positive for COVID-19 will have their results automatically uploaded to the portal; individuals who test on their own and are positive for COVID-19 should upload their results to the Health Services portal ( themselves. All individuals who test positive are encouraged to notify their close contacts, including faculty and classmates.
  • FIT will no longer perform surveillance testing.
  • Proof of a negative test is no longer required before returning to campus after an absence. 

Cleaning and Ventilation

FIT continues to meet and exceed all ventilation standards and is thoroughly cleaned on a daily basis in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State of New York, and SUNY. 

Read an FAQ about the health and safety standards of FIT's facilities.


For Employees

FIT acknowledges that it is a community of individuals with different abilities and personal situations. If you have concerns about working in person during the pandemic, find out more about your options.

Employee accommodations and leaves of absence 

For Students

Students experiencing challenging issues that prevent them from participating fully on campus, including health and mental health conditions, vulnerable family members who may be affected because of living arrangements, and other issues that they self-report, can contact the Dean of Students for assistance with appropriate referrals for accommodative services.


Visit Health Services

Health Services is located at Dubinsky Student Center, Room A402. You can also call (212) 217-4190 or log in to the Health Services portal .

Visit Counseling Services

In-person, phone, and virtual counseling sessions are available for our students.

Visit Human Resources

FIT employees can contact Human Resources for work and benefit information.