Employee and Work Guidelines

Health and Safety Protocols on Campus and Building Access

Refer to the Campus and Facilities page for details on health procedures to follow when you are returning to campus to work. 


All employees must immediately report their diagnosis of COVID-19 or their exposure to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-10 to FIT Health Services via the Health Services portal

See also what to do if you experience symptoms on campus.


Find information about employee training on new technology, resources, and health procedures.

Employee Scheduling Options

Refer to the October 11 email in the Communications Archive for details on the flexible scheduling options available to bargaining and non-bargaining employees. 

Unable to Return to Work

FIT acknowledges that it is a community of individuals with different abilities and personal situations. If you have been instructed to return to work and have concerns about doing so, please see the link below for your options.

Accommodations and leaves of absence 

Time Off to Receive Vaccinations

Employees can use up to four hours of leave per COVID-19 vaccination and booster shot.

Employees who are parents or legal guardians of a child can use up to four hours of paid COVID-19 child vaccination time, per injection and per child.  If you have any questions regarding this benefit, contact the HR Solution Center.