Innovative Technology and Digital Production

The Innovative Technology and Digital Production (ITDP) unit within FIT's Information Technology division is responsible for serving the FIT community in several areas:

  • Maintaining Library's student computer labs
  • Providing digital printing and fabrication services on campus at PrintFX
  • Technology and crafting themed workshops and events
computer lab in the Library

LTUS - Library Technology User Services

(212) 217-4379

Provides support to the FIT community of Library technology users, and are responsible for operations of Library's Computer Labs and MakerMinds Space.

Richard Grauer, User Services Assistant
Simona Jankauskaite, Technology Resources Assistant

fabrication examples produced at PrintFX, 3d print, laser cut

PrintFX and FabLab

D529A, Pomerantz Center, 5th fl.
(212) 217-5470

Provides high quality digital printing and fabrication services, such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and vinyl cutting to the FIT community.

Mo Shahadat, PrintFX / Fablab Coordinator
Linda Elber, PrintFX Assistant
Jason Yip, Graphic Designer
Autumn Newcomb, PrintFX, FabLab Technician
Dawn Dinh , Library, and PrintFX / FabLab Technician

cosmos-inspired dresses gallery view, Pomerantz lobby

FITDIL - FIT Digital Image Library

E413, Goodman Center, 4th fl.
(212) 217-4378

FITDIL photographs student work and exhibits around the campus, as well as collects digitized visual teaching materials, and Library collections. FITDIL assists in creating and revising the accompanying metadata, and prepares these digital materials for viewing in FITDIL database

Hiroko Suda, FITDIL Database Technician
Alessandro Casagli, FITDIL Photographer

intricate designs laser cut paper and wood materials, produced at PrintFX

Emerging  Technologies and ITDP

James Pearce, Department Head, 
D524, Pomerantz Ctr, 5th fl.  
(347) 330-7553

FRS - Faculty Research Services 
ITDP - Innovative Technology and Digital Production: 
 - PrintFX / FabLab
 - LTUS - Library Technology User Services and MakerMinds Space
 - FITDIL - FIT Digital Image Library 

makerMinds space photography-aiding equipment

MakerMinds Space

E620, Goodman Center, 6th fl.
(212) 217-4379

The MakerMinds Space provides an open space for artwork enlargement and projection, documentation of artwork by photography, and is available to all students at FIT.  MakerMinds event series are held in the adjacent open area.

makerMinds event : The Art of Korean Fabric Wrapping

MakerMinds Events

E620, Goodman Center, 6th fl.

In collaboration with the Library, ITDP / PrintFX organizes MakerMinds events. It's a blend of traditional crafts and techniques, emerging and innovative technologies, and application of these technologies for personal projects or assignments. 

[email protected] and
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