MakerMinds Space

MakerMinds Space (formerly ARL - Art Resources Lab) located on the 6th floor of the Library in E620, is available to all students at FIT and provides space for artwork enlargement, projection, and documentation of artwork by photography.

It is a self service lab - the lab itself, the equipment setup there, as well as equipment available for check out is for students to use as a self service. There is no dedicated staff available for assistance - written instructions are available in MakerMinds Space, and tutorials for equipment can be found on the  Tutorials, How-To's and Procedures pages.

  • The space cannot be reserved, it is operating on a first come first serve basis.
  • There is no priority right - aka if certain activity is in process others have the right to come in and use other equipment that is located in the space 
  • All equipment checked out from Access Services Desk on the 5th Library floor  has to be returned prior to its closing. Check the hours here  

Equipment set up in the Space

Follow the links to tutorials for most of the items listed

ELMO Projector

Elmo Presenter & Projector tutorial

ELMO Visual Presenter is a document camera, that when paired with a projector, allows it's user to display/project images, documents and drawings on a surface. It can be used for enlarging and tracing the projected image.

Copy Stand

Copy Stand tutorial

Copy Stand provides a great way to photograph 2d (flat) oversized art work, in addition it can be used as a tool for stop animation.
Large Format Paper Trimmer

Large Paper Trimmers tutorial

Primary use of these trimmers is intended for large photography prints, cardstock, printer/copy paper. Up to but no more than 10 sheets of regular copy paper.

Light Table

Light Tables tutorial

Light tables are viewing devices that use an evenly distributed florescent lighting to review photographic film or artwork placed on top of it. There are several of them available in MakerMinds Space.
Artograph Prism

Artograph Prism tutorial

A tabletop opaque projector for horizontal projection of artwork, designs, patterns, prints and line drawings. The lens is reversible to achieve a wide projection range from 80% reduction up to 20 times enlargement in full color. Magnetic door latches and a spring clip keeps your image securely in place.

Dragonframe 4 Stop Motion Animation Software

Stop-motion Animation Software tutorial

Dragonframe 4 is a Stop-motion animation software, paired with a specialized keypad - quick and simple to use.

Next Engine 3D scanner

Next Engine 3D scanner tutorial

Before you begin, consider your need for scanning a 3D object:
Is it unique? Will the scan satisfy your expected level of detail? Can a comparable 3D model be obtained from a repository, or is it easier to model it yourself?

Impact Boom Studio Light Kit

Photography Lighting tutorial

Check out the tutorial for a correct setup for artwork documentation: The tripod is perpendicular to the wall; the lights, outfitted with diffuser umbrellas, are facing the wall at a 45° angle in relation to the object and wall.

Overhead Projector

Overhead Projector tutorial

You can project digital work via overhead projector onto the back wall of the MakerMinds Space using the retractable projection screen.

Mystudio tabletop object photography

MyStudio Product Photography Kit tutorial

The MyStudio MS32 is a desktop studio for product photography, take a look at the guide for taking the best quality photos.

Cintiq Interactive Display

Wacom Cintiq Tablet tutorial

Several Wacom Cintiq digital drawing pen & touch displays are available in the MakerMinds space. Cintiq pens can be checked-out with your FIT ID card at the service desk on the 5th floor. 

Equipment for check-out at ACS Services Desk

Check out from the Access Services Desk on the 5th floor of the Library.

FIT ID card required.

Diffusion Umbrellas

Diffuser Umbrellas for Photography (no tutorial)


Bogen Tripod

Bogen Tripod (no tutorial)

Savage Lighting System

Savage Studio Lighting System (no tutorial)

Circular Reflector

Circular Reflectors (no tutorial)


Artograph Impression 1400 tutorial

Artograph Impression 1400 tutorial

The Artograph Impression 1400 is a portable digital projector that can be used for displaying digital images for enlargement or tracing.

Cintiq Pen Stylus

Cintiq Pen Stylus (no tutorial)

Three Wacom Cintiq digital pen & touch displays are located in the MakerMinds Space on the 6th fl. of the Library

Xuma Phone Mount

Xuma Phone Mount (no tutorial)


MakerMinds Space Rules and Policies

The following rules must be followed while you are using the Space:

  1. No food or drink is allowed in the Lab. The open study area outside the lab is OK for this.
  2. The MakerMinds is a priority use space for photography, enlargement, tracing and other uses unique to this space. All other uses are subject to displacement so that these activities can be conducted by students in the lab.
  3. All equipment must be turned off, and any checked out equipment returned to the Access Services desk after use. Please do not leave the light tables and projectors ON after you are done - turn them off!
  4. You are expected to clean up after yourself. This is a shared space and needs to be maintained by its patrons.

General Policies for Checkout

You must understand that you are financially responsible for all equipment checked out from the library and will replace any item that is damaged or is not returned.

Loan Period – Maximum of 3 hours. All items are due ONE HOUR before the library closes.

Fines – $10.00 per hour for each hour overdue, plus $50.00 each overnight if not returned by closing time.

Replacement Cost – The cost of each item plus a $20.00 processing fee per item.


Goodman Resource Center
Gladys Marcus Library | room E620
email: [email protected]
Phone: 212-217-4379