FIT educates the design, fashion, business, and technology leaders of tomorrow. Our influential faculty, creative student body, and world-renowned degree programs prepare students at all levels — undergraduate, graduate, continuing education, and even precollege — to join a global workforce that demands problem solvers and original thinkers. You’re in the right place.

Creative Programs for Creative People

FIT’s courses, facilities, and learning experiences are designed to provide practical skills, insights, and inspiration—at every stage.

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Undergraduate Programs

Prepare for professional success in the creative economy. The schools of Art and Design, Business and Technology, and Liberal Arts offer future-focused associate’s and bachelor’s programs that lead to rewarding careers.

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Graduate Studies

Study independently and collaboratively, and connect with a stellar faculty of industry leaders and scholars. Explore the School of Graduate Studies’ master’s programs in the arts, design, and business.

FIT precollege

Precollege Programs

Are you a high school or middle school student wondering what it’s like to study at FIT? Looking to learn new skills, get a taste of college, or strengthen your portfolio? Options range from four-hour seminars to four-day workshops to long-term courses.

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Global FIT

FIT's outlook is global, and we aim to make international experience – in person or virtual – available to every student. Check out our campuses in Italy and South Korea, explore study-abroad options around the world, and discover international cultural exchange experiences available on our NYC campus.

FIT online learning

Online Learning

Want to take some courses from home? No problem. We offer over 700 online courses, as well as two online degree programs.

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Academic Support Services

Tutoring in specific fields. Writing and speaking consultations. Career and internship opportunities. The list goes on. Find out about academic resources and support services.

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Gladys Marcus Library

FIT’s specialized programs require uncommon resources, and the Gladys Marcus Library offers plenty of materials to delight the eye and feed the brain. Information, inspiration, and ideas are at your fingertips. Whatever you want to explore, we’ll help you find it.

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Everything you need to know about the academic calendar, how to sign up for classes, and more.
FIT’s four schools and Center for Continuing and Professional Studies offer a wide range of programs that prepare students to excel in an array of creative fields.
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