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Program Type: Exchange

The Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), part of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences network, is the largest fashion institute in the Netherlands. Their educational focus is on digitalisation, sustainability and inclusivity - while covering the entire fashion chain from design and manufacturing to distribution and communication. AMFI welcomes international students from all over the world, thanks to their courses being offered in English as well as Dutch. 

Approvals on an ongoing basis until Feb 15*: Fall**
Approvals on an ongoing basis until Sept 15*: Spring

*Early applicants receive preference.
**students who participate in Fall must be present in January for their final projects/presentations/exams

  • Minimum GPA 3.0
  • Matriculation in a Bachelor's degree program
  • Fashion Business Management students must obttain academic advisement and approval of the Faculty Coordinator. Students may study during their 5th or 6th semester.

At AMFI, FIT students will participate in one of the many unique and comprehensive 30 ECTS modules that will equate to four or five courses at FIT. These modules (see themes below) are an academic semester experience designed around the combination of true-to-reality practice, experiement, and execution.

In consultation with the FBM Department International Coordinator, students would typically receive credit for some combination of these five FIT courses: three or four FBM Major Area Electives, FM326, or FM424. As AMFI is an exchange program, students may also take online courses at FIT at no additional charge. 

Fall module themes (you would choose one):

  • Fashion & Denim (designing a new sub-brand for a real client)
  • Fashion Management (Collection Development)
  • Make & Buy (focuses on the fashion buyer and product manager)
  • iNDiViDUALS (AMFI's own brand where design and business students come together)
  • Fashion & Marketing Innovation (focus is to understand how and when brands acquire meaning and value for people)

Spring module themes (you would choose one):

  • iNDiViDUALS (AMFI's own brand where design and business students come together)
  • Fashion Magazine (focus on journalism, but depends on the role you're assigned)
  • Fashion Business & Development (play the role of a consultant and write a strategic advice report for a fashion company)
  • Hypercraft (two groups: Cyber Tailoring or Immersive Fashion)

AMFI will post their Academic Calendar closer to the beginning of the term. Typically the dates are:

  • early September - late January (Fall semester)
  • early February - early July (Spring semester)

Students are generally expected to arrive the weekend before orientation begins.

Students are responsible for making their own accommodation arrangements for the duration of their stay. We encourage you to apply for the on-campus housing options due to the difficulty in finding off-campus accommodations. Keep in mind that on-campus housing is not guaranteed, though. See AMFI's housing page for more details. There is a severe housing shortage in Amsterdam; please start this process early!

Students will be required to apply for a Visa and/or a Residence Permit for the duration of their stay in the Netherlands. Students are encouraged to carefully review the requirements here with the Netherlands' Immigration Service (IND), as well as the instructions provided by AMFI after acceptance into the program. Supporting documentation will be provided after approval.

Typically, U.S. citizens must have a Residence Permit (VVR) and the first part of your VVR application is done online. Upon arrival, U.S. citizens finish the process of applying for your VVR . If you are a non-U.S. citizen (and non-EU) you will likely need an MVV visa before entering the Netherlands, as well as a Residence Permit. 

Health Insurance

FIT and SUNY require study abroad insurance for the duration of their program. This policy is mandatory, therefore students cannot waive it.

Coverage abroad: UHC Study Abroad Insurance
*Students will be enrolled and account will be billed before start of program. More detailed information about coverage and claims processes will be provided post-approval.


Students are eligible for student support services offered to other AMFI students. Please review their website for further information on doctors, psychologists, assistance with personal circumstance, disabilities and more.

AMFI Financial Budget Sheet

A copy of this form may be brought to Financial Aid Services so that a careful review of your program costs may be completed by an assigned financial aid counselor.

See: Paying for Study Abroad

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