What connects us? What divides us? What defines us? Ask the big questions — and find the answers — in Social Sciences.

Get Your Intellectual Fill

From ethics to economics and politics to psychology, the study of social sciences expands your thinking.

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In the Social Sciences, there’s no shortage of fascinating topics to explore. Go deeper and wider: History, Social Sciences, Philosophy


Social Sciences Faculty

Our faculty study how individuals and groups function in relationship to each other and to society. We'll help you figure out how to blend your area of focus with the social sciences.

Become a Citizen of the World

Do you wonder how people learn and communicate? How—or why—we live and work together, in families and in societies? How we ask and answer important questions—about freedom, identity, equality, death, and God?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Study the psychology of color and its influence on behavior. Explore the sociocultural meanings of ethnic fashion. Discover how cultural differences can affect a marketing plan. Build a foundation in economics, and better understand the context and impact of your business.

You will gain a deeper understanding of social developments, human behavior, world demographics, and the global economy. You'll broaden your perspective and learn analytical skills that you can apply throughout your life.


Courses are offered in six disciplines:

  • Economics
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Political Science and World Affairs
  • Sociology

See your advisor in the Academic Advisement Center regarding the Liberal Arts requirements for your major.


You can complement any major with a minor in the Social Sciences. Find what fits best for you.


Asian Studies

From languages to history to literature and more, learn more about Asian cultures.



Acquire a useful understanding of economic concepts to improve your analytical skills and succeed post-graduation.



Ask the big questions, study how people change the way the world works, and see how you can change the world, too.



What influences the way you think and make decisions? Tap into our many psychology offerings to learn more.

a collection of flags from various countries

International Politics

Develop a greater understanding of world politics by examining current and historical events and issues in the field.



Analyze societies and cultures from micro and macro perspectives—and understand how these two intersect.

woman waving a rainbow flag


Learn queer theory, sharpen your analytical skills, and contemplate solutions to problems facing LGBTQIA+ populations.

man arranging feathers on a head dress

Ethnic Dress in a Global Context

Understanding the history, values, customs, and beliefs of different cultures will help you pay homage to diverse clothing traditions while avoiding cultural appropriation.

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