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Innovation at FIT

Innovation at FIT

Unconventional Innovation


FIT works at the intersection of design, business, science, and technology to advance research related to applied innovation

Our rigorous, hands-on projects are collaborative and interdisciplinary, ideally with the goal of commercialization. With our industry partners, students, faculty, and alumni, we strive to realize the potential for pioneering research and applied innovation throughout the creative economy.

As FIT’s commitment to innovation takes center stage, our expertise in technology, business, and design, along with our 75 years of industry partnerships, position us to be a leading voice in the creative industries.

Characteristics of FIT's approach to research are:

  • Consumer insight
  • Ability to blend aesthetics and utility
  • Commercialization of groundbreaking technologies
  • Ability to bring concepts to scale
  • Multidisciplinary approach
  • Focus on sustainability

Most of our current projects involve rethinking textile and apparel development and redefining consumer experiences. These efforts are leading to the generation of groundbreaking materials and unexpected ideas, and very likely to first-of-kind patents and products. We are confident that our work will transform today’s “unconventional” into tomorrow’s gold standard.

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