Joseph Kilrain


AS, Art Institute of Pittsburgh


Joseph Kilrain thinks of himself as a unicorn with zebra stripes—a unicorn sees the infinite possibilities to solve problems and a zebra is constantly making inventory of the situations so to keep the balance.

As a director, Kilrain balances his career by being technically strong and visually sound. Being hands-on, he is aware of the tools, products, and platforms that shape the industry. As a mentor, he shares his knowledge and experience with colleagues and students alike. He says this keeps him humble and open to feedback, moving his teams forward in a perpetual state of learning and success.

In his role as an instructor, Kilrain believes his job is to improve the communications, standards, and overall understanding of user experience, visual design, and development.

Clients: The Weather Channel, Integral Ad Science, KPMG, Ghostery, Pfizer, Innovation Protocol, SEO Brands, SpaceletGroup

Exhibitions: Fashion Illustration Visual Poetry, Icon 6, SILA Illustration Annual, Society of Illustrators

Recognitions: Adobe Web: Top 10 Visual Designers


Joseph Kilrain Website