Billing and Payment

Tuition Billing

The Office of the Bursar does not send bills by U.S. mail. Your billing invoice is available to view and print through the Student Bill Payment website. When your semester bill is ready to be viewed online an email will be sent to your FIT email address or alternate email or text message. Visit the Student Bill Payment website to set up your alternate email address and opt into text messaging.

Tuition and dormitory payment due dates are determined in advance and may vary from one academic year to the next. The Fall semester's payment is generally due on or about August 1st. The Spring semester's payment is generally due on or about January 2nd. Students who register after the payment due date will be required to make payment in full upon registration. 

Payment Due Dates 

Semester Due Date
Fall 2024 August 7, 2024
Winter 2025 December 7, 2024
Spring 2025 January 7, 2025
Summer 2025 May 7, 2025

Financial Aid

If you receive a financial aid award, you may deduct the total amount awarded from semester charges. Official acceptance of your financial aid award may be required before your financial aid payments can be seen in your student account. Please see Accepting Awards for additional information.

Ways to Pay Your Bill

Pay Online

  • Payments can be made online through  MyFIT using a credit card, debit card, checking account, or savings account.  
  • Accepted credit cards: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. Credit and debit card payments will be assessed a non-refundable fee of 2.85 % per transaction. 
  • There is no charge for electronic check payments (ACH) from U.S. banks using a valid checking or savings accounts. 
  • Checks issued from bank credit cards, lines of credit, Home Equity loan checks, or other non checking accounts will be returned for non-payment. Your student account will be charged an additional $30.00 returned check fee.

Set Up Online Payment Access

To view your bill and to pay online:

  • Log in to MyFIT 
  • Click on the Student tab
  • Click on View Student Account & Pay E-Bill

Setting up an authorized user:

  • Log in to MyFIT 
  • Click on the Student tab
  • Click on View Student Account & Pay E-Bill
  • Click on Add Authorized Party
  • Enter the information of the person to whom you are granting access
  • Click on Save
  • Review the agreement to Add Authorize User
  • Click Continue

Your authorized user will be sent an email with instructions on how to log onto the site.

After your student has made you an authorize user, go will receive by email instructions on how to proceed as an authorized user.

Pay by Wire Transfer

FIT has partnered with Flywire to provide international students with an easy and secure method to make international payments. As the leading payments processor for educational institutions all over the world, Flywire delivers students’ tuition payments quickly, easily, and securely.

With Flywire you can:

  • track your payments from start to finish
  • make payments in more than 140 currencies, online and from banks worldwide
  • save on bank fees and exchange rates
  • enjoy peace of mind with dedicated multilingual customer support
  • ensure accurate and timely posting of your payment to your student account

To ensure that your student account is properly credited in a timely and expedient fashion, please log into your FIT Portal, under "Bursar's Office Resources", click on "Pay my Bill & View e-Bill', click on 'Make a Payment' to initiate the payment.

Please note: Flywire is the only international payments partner authorized to process international payments on behalf of the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Pay by Mail

  • Print your student billing invoice from the Bill Payment website. Cut off the bottom portion of the invoice and mail it with your payment to the address indicated on the form. If you are unable to print your invoice, simply mail in your check and include your Student ID number on the front of your check.
  • Mail your payment to:
    Bursar's Office - Cashiering Operations
    Business and Liberal Arts Center, Room B127
    227 West 27th Street
    New York, NY 10001-5992
  • Please allow up to 10 business days to process your payment.
  • Returned checks will be charged a return check fee of $30. 
  • Student accounts incurring more that one returned check may be restricted from making payments by this method.

Pay in Person 

In-person payments can be made in the Bursar's Cashiering Office located in room B127 in the Business and Liberal Arts Center. Hours of Operation are:

Monday, Thursday: 9 am–7 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 9 am–5 pm 

For your convenience a payment drop box is available after regular business hours.

Non-Payment of Tuition and Fees

  • If you have not satisfied your financial obligations by the published tuition due date, except for certified financial aid or enrollment in the semester Payment Plan, you may be de-registered and all your classes dropped.
  • If you are de-registered and wish to re-enroll in your courses a late registration and program change fees may be assessed.
  • You are not guaranteed class availability if you need to re-register for courses.
  • A late payment fee of 1.5% will be assessed per month on your outstanding balances.
  • A hold will be placed on your student account which will prevent you from registering for future classes, and other services from the college.
  • Outstanding balances may be referred to a licensed collection agency at the end of the term and collection fees may be added to the balance.
  • If legal action becomes necessary, litigation and all court costs will be your responsibility to pay.

Note:  A stop payment on a check is not considered an official withdrawal from the college. If you cancel or stop payment on a check for non-attendance, you will be charged a $30 returned check fee. Subsequently you will also be responsible for making payment for the courses in which you were enrolled. If you want to withdraw from the college, please follow the proper procedures. See: Withdrawing from the College

Need a payment plan?

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