Unity XR: AR, MR, VR Development Certificate

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AR/VR student experience

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The rapid development in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies, commonly referred to as XR, has fundamentally changed the media, gaming and engineering industry in recent years.

FIT’s Unity XR Certificate is a 10-week training course designed for creative professionals who have little or no previous experience in XR but are interested in how to bring their ideas onto these new platforms. This certificate is a comprehensive introduction to developing XR applications using Unity and the C# programming language. Students will create 4 Native virtual reality applications that will be deployed to mobile devices and Oculus Quest headsets. The class will include demos of XR devices such as the Microsoft Hololens, Magic Leap and Lenovo Mirage.


  • A basic understanding of computer programming in Java or JavaScript concepts is preferred

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AR/VR student project

Learn How To

  • Review case studies and get a VR/AR industry overview
  • Understand user experience for VR and development environments
  • Create primary virtual environments in Unity
  • Utilize computer programming basics using the C# language
  • Create an interactive VR game with A-Frame
  • Create an augmented reality art gallery with Unity and Vuforia

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Why FIT?

  • Classes taught by top industry experts
  • Advanced pedagogy balancing practical knowledge and creative principles
  • Curriculum is designed to help you prepare a high-quality portfolio showreel
  • Curriculum Designed by FIT's Creative Technology & Design (CT&D) subject area which is a leader in digital design education
  • Earn a certificate from FIT, a world-renowned design school

Meet Your Instructor

Michael PossoMichael Posso
Michael is a full-stack engineer specialized in developing web applications using Javascript based frameworks. As an early adopter of Virtual Reality, Michael began experimenting with Unity3D in early 2016 creating Virtual Reality applications for Google Cardboard and the Oculus Quest. His commitment to education and the community drove him to create the Latino Web Developers Meetup and teach online courses on platforms such as Platzi and Udemy. Michael is the founder of CodeInternship, an organization that creates technology multilingual education programs for diverse communities. Currently, Michael works as a Manager of Digital Development in New York City.


  • VR/AR industry overview and case studies
    • This section gives the students and understanding of the growing applications of XR technologies and help them guide them into possible professional development paths
  • User Experience for VR and Development Environments
    • This lecture will give the students an overview of the tools and concepts necessary to create VR experiences for Oculus using Unity
  • Introduction to Creating Full Virtual Environments in Unity
    • This hands-on lecture will show students how to install and create a basic VR experience and get an introduction to the C# programming language
  • Create an interactive VR game with A-Frame
    • This class students will create a game using physics libraries as well as more advanced programming concepts
  • Creating an Augmented Reality Art Gallery with Unity and Vuforia
    • This class will use Vuforia, an Augmented Reality plugin for Unity to create an interactive poster. This project will be exported to iPhone and Android phones

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