Virtual Town Hall Meeting with ITM Students Leaders

On May 14, a group of ITM students gathered to discuss “How to be a Citizen of the World.”

The panel was hosted by FIT SGA Senator Alicia Cilauro and had several members of SGA participating: Phillips Percy, chair of the Faculty Senate Student Affairs Committee; Aashi Kanoongo, director of communications; Eric Siathone, president; and Elan Nguyen.

Topics discussed ranged from the students’ interests within ITM, current events, and how to hold conversations regarding difficult topics. As future employees graduating from ITM and as citizens of the world, it is important to continue educating ourselves and our communities to create positive change and celebrate diversity. As an international focused major, there is an inherent responsibility to respect cultures and learn through our peers so we can grow globally.

A highlight of the town hall was noting the abundance of resources here at FIT that allow us to hold those accountable for mistreatment, seek assistance in difficult circumstances, and connect with others in our diverse communities. ITM chair Christine Pomeranz marveled at how deeply the panel analyzed the wide ranging issues and how empathetic as well as collegial each participant was in listening and being open to differing points of view.