Diversity Climate Assessment

Diversity Your Voice MattersWithin our campus community, we seek to create an environment characterized by equal access for all students and employees regardless of differences---a welcoming and inclusive environment in which diversity is not just tolerated but valued. This kind of campus environment is grounded in respect, nurtured by dialog, and evidenced by a pattern of civility. FIT has actively supported this kind of campus in many ways, including the projects sponsored by our Diversity Council. However, we know that we can do more.

In October 2012, the Diversity Council launched a survey designed to assess our progress in achieving this central FIT goal. The survey was designed to provide information about both the strengths and weaknesses in our environment. It gave members of our community the opportunity to describe their own personal experiences and observations, as well as offer suggestions for improvement or change.

The questions were reviewed and approved by the FIT Institutional Review Board. The collected data was analyzed by Rankin and Associates, a nationally recognized research organization that has conducted surveys of this kind for over 70 institutions, including some of our sister SUNY campuses. The information is meant to help FIT identify strategies for addressing our weaknesses and supporting our strengths.