Library Instructional Services

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Improving student information literacy and critical thinking skills is one of the Library's key responsibilities. Library faculty will collaborate with classroom faculty to develop library instructional content that can take shape in a number of scenarios:

  • 30-60 minute synchronous or asynchronous instructional session(s) that can be integrated into your class in several different ways
  • Customized research guides or tutorials
  • Library faculty connected to your course through Blackboard, via in-person, online visits, or asynchronous contributions!

Request customized library instructional content using the form link above at least 2 weeks in advance of date requested, though more time may be needed depending on the nature of the request. You will hear from the librarian assigned to your class at least a week before the deadline provided. However, if there is a conflict or issue with your request, you will be contacted sooner to negotiate a new date or time.

What can be covered?

Work with a librarian to develop a session that best suits your needs and is geared towards your subject area or a specific assignment. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Information literacy: How to determine what information is needed, identify the most appropriate resource, and evaluate the information found.
  • Research skills and techniques (including citing sources): in general or subject specific 
  • Library resources:
    We're more than books! We can introduce your students to subject-appropriate materials including fashion and trend forecasting services, fashion/art/culture periodicals from around the world (we subscribe to 400+, many of which are available online), article/business/image/reference databases, video content, and so much more
  • Visual and inspirational research, including how to do effective image research
  • How to find scholarly and/or peer-reviewed articles
  • How to research a business and/or market
  • Finding, understanding, and using data about markets, companies, demographics, and more.

For questions on any aspect of Library Instructional Services, please contact Carli Spina or Ask the Library.