Digital Initiatives

Four separate illustrations: a female head and a single shoe, highlighting the work of several designers: Halston, Versace, Kenzo, Montana, Blahnik, and Armani

The FIT Library has embarked on a number of exciting digital initiatives. Every day, new materials are added to our digital collections, whether it's video of fashion icons speaking on campus, or high-resolution digitizations of French fashion illustrations. Please explore some of our digital initiatives listed below.

Archive on Demand Logo

Archive on Demand is an online video platform featuring campus lectures, events, and instruction curated by the FIT Library.

SPARC Digital Logo

SPARC Digital is a platform created by the FIT Library's Special Collections and College Archives to showcase the rare and unique materials from our collections that have been digitized, including original fashion sketches, photographs, illustrations, and historic fashion plates.

FIT Authors Logo

FIT Authors is an initiative of the FIT Library to showcase the scholarship and creativity of the FIT community, as well as to promote our collections.

FIT Archaic Bannerstone Project Logo

The Archaic Bannerstone Project, led by Professor Anna Blume (History of Art Dept.), is a resource for the study of the aesthetically complex, anomalous ancient Native American lithics known as bannerstones.

FIT 75th Anniversary Logo

The FIT 75th Anniversary Timeline highlights key moments in FIT's illustrious history.

The FITting Room Logo

The FITting Room is an augmented reality (AR) experience that allows users to “try on” rare and unique materials from the FIT Library’s Special Collections and College Archives (SPARC). Built using the ZapWorks Studio platform, this AR experience brings historic source material to life. Users can try on accessories—hats, scarves, earrings—featured in original fashion sketches by legendary artists.

If you have any questions about our digital initiatives, please contact our Digital Initiatives Librarian.

*Image credit: Stavrinos, George. New York Magazine Illustration Honoring Several Designers. 1980. Illustration. SPARC Digital.