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COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

To join us on campus for In-Person courses, all Noncredit Adult students are required to provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, as per the SUNY issued reopening guidance.

By enrolling in an In-Person course:

  • You are confirming that you are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and will upload your proof of vaccination to FIT prior to arriving on-campus as per the SUNY mandate and as directed below.
  • If you test positive you must submit proof of the positive COVID-19 test result to the FIT Health Services portal. 
    The instructions for uploading the test results/vaccination record are below. 

    If you have more specific questions about this, please reach out to our Health Services staff to advise you. You can contact them by calling (212) 217-4190 during office hours.

  • Beginning January 25, 2023 FIT will no longer require face masks to be worn in FIT buildings; wearing a mask will be optional. Public Safety will provide a disposable mask to those who arrive on campus without a mask and would like one.  Read more about masking protocols here
  • You acknowledge that you must present FIT's "Confirmation of Vaccination Submission" to FIT's Public Safety to enter the building for your In-Person course.

Students taking in-person classes who fail to follow the vaccine mandate will be subject to potential academic withdrawal and may not be eligible for tuition refunds.

More Information

Learn more about FIT's COVID-19 communications, policies, and protocols, including COVID-19 updates on:

How to submit proof that you are fully vaccinated for COVID-19:

  • Upload your vaccination card information to the online FIT Health Services Portal (please note that you cannot use Safari to access this system and will need to use Chrome or Firefox). 
    • Log in to the FIT Health Services Portal with your MyFIT username and password provided in your "Welcome to FIT" email
    • Click Document Upload
    • Under Document Type, select COVID-19 Vaccine
    • Click Browse to browse for your COVID-19 Vaccine file
    • Click Save
  • You may also fax your records to 212-217-4191
  • If you need assistance providing your proof of vaccination, call 212-217-4190 Mondays-Fridays from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm EST.


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