Listings and Profiles

Faculty Lists

There are two lists of classroom teaching faculty. 

Online Academic Catalog

screenshot of the catalog listing of faculty

This is the list of record. It is part of the online catalog published for FIT students. The academic catalog, created in software called CourseLeaf, is a contract with students and is maintained by Academic Affairs.

If your name, title, and credentials do not appear in the catalog, they will not appear on the FIT website.

» Undergraduate Faculty Directory (catalog)
» Graduate Faculty Directory (catalog)

FIT Website

screenshot of classroom teaching faculty list on the website

This is the list of teaching faculty that exists for the purpose of recruiting prospective students. Prospective students are applying to majors; therefore, this list is searchable and sortable by major program. 

If your name, title, and credentials are not in the catalog, they will not appear in this list.

» Classroom Teaching Faculty (FIT website)

Changes to Name, Title, Credentials

The Faculty Listing Request form is used for the following purposes:

  • to add or remove a faculty member from the lists
  • to change a faculty member's name
  • to add or change a faculty member's title
  • to add or change a faculty member's credentials (degrees and certifications)

These types of changes cannot be made unless the form is submitted.  

Faculty List Workflow

When faculty members are hired, leave the college, or have credential changes, listings are updated in this order.

  1. The faculty member or a representative completes the Faculty Listing Request Form.
  2. The form is submitted to Human Resources, where all information is verified.
  3. HR forwards the verified information to Academic Affairs. AA updates the catalog with the new information.
  4. After the catalog is updated, Communications and External Relations adds the updated information to the list of classroom teaching faculty on the website.

Steps cannot be skipped. 

Depending on the time of year and the workload in the various offices, changes to the listings can take a minimum of 4-6 weeks.


screenshot of faculty profile webpageClassroom teaching faculty may have a profile page on the main FIT website linked to their name in the website list. This is done using the Faculty Profile Form. Any faculty member may have a profile page. 

The following information is automatically added to the profile page via the faculty listing procedure listed above:

  • name
  • title
  • name of the major program in which the faculty member teaches
  • education
  • SUNY/FIT awards received

Other information is optional, but can be added at the request of the faculty member: contact information, biography, research interests, courses taught, website, photo, etc.