Microsoft Word Templates

About Letterhead, Fax, and Memo Templates

FIT letterhead, fax, and memo templates can be easily downloaded onto your computer. These templates enable anyone to open copies of letterhead, fax, and memos in Microsoft Word and type information directly into them. The documents can then be saved and printed. The templates are set up as two-color documents, but will also print in grayscale.

About the Recognition Certificate

The Recognition Certificate that is available for all FIT employees can be used to recognize students and/or colleague accomplishments, both academic and non-academic. The Recognition Certificate does not carry any official certification from FIT. It can can be downloaded onto your computer and printed on specially designed, pre-printed certificate paper.

Creating a personalized certificate is a three-step process.

  1. Download the certificate template to your computer.
  2. Order pre-printed certificate paper from the FIT Printshop.
  3. Personalize the Microsoft Word template on your computer and print onto the certificate paper.