Call for Events

All grants for 2022-2023 events have been approved and awarded.

At FIT, we believe that the experience of learning and working with people of diverse cultures, races, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds nourishes a capacity for understanding different perspectives and for interacting with people of backgrounds different than our own. To help us pursue this goal, the Diversity Collective celebrates events and presentations that showcase the creativity and rich diversity of experience at FIT through the lens of the arts, careers, curriculum, social media, technology, and other fields. We are cordially inviting you to submit your proposals for diversity events.

Submission Deadline

Forms must be submitted by December in the year prior to the academic year in which you want your event to take place. Accepted proposals and funding amounts are announced three months later, typically in March. Please note that the maximum award for approved proposals is $1,000.

» Deadline for 2023-2024 events - Date TBA

Proposal Criteria

The Diversity Collective calls on the entire FIT community to submit proposals for presentations and events in any category (workshops, speaker/lecture, performance, food-related event, visual, exhibition, etc.) that are related to these traditional celebrations at FIT:

  • Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15)
  • Disability Awareness Week Event (October)
  • Diversity Week (first full week of November) - introduce any other topic related to diversity
  • Black History Month (February)
  • Women's History Month (March)
  • Asian/Pacific Islander Month (April)
  • LGBTQ/Gay Pride Event (April/May)
  • Holocaust Remembrance (April)

You may propose another kind of event, provided it is related to diversity and the Diversity Collective's mission. All proposals will be considered on their relevance to diversity, the Diversity Collective's mission, its educational component, and to FIT students and employees.  We are particularly interested in submissions from FIT departments and student clubs.

Requirements for Presentations

If you would like to present, please submit your application form (.pdf) to the Diversity Events email address.

Presentations should be one hour in length.

We welcome a variety of approaches, including project-based, cross-disciplinary or collaborative presentations in a range of formats (workshops, speaker/lecture, performance, visual, exhibition, etc.). Please specify the required/preferred space, time of day, and projected attendance for your presentation(s). 

Please note: presenters accepted do not receive honorariums or speakers fees.

Requirements for Events

If you would like to submit a proposal for an event, please submit your application form (.pdf) to the Diversity Events email address.

Events can be for one day or repeated over a week or over the year. Events are typically scheduled from one- to three-hour blocks of time.

We welcome a variety of events (including artist presentations, dance/video/theatrical performances, career-oriented or class project-oriented events, lectures and readings). Please specify the required/preferred space, time of day and projected attendance for your event(s). 

Please note: financial assistance is available, however funds are limited and the amount will be based on the number of requests accepted.

Review Procedures

The Diversity Collective Grants and Events subcommittee will review all proposals and submit their recommendations to the Council co-chairs and to the President. 

Diversity Event Planning Guidelines 

The Diversity Event Planning Guidelines (.pdf) provides guidance for those events and presentations which are awarded funds, the information provided with help to develop and implement a successful management plan.

The Diversity Collective of FIT was established by the Office of the President to enhance and promote inclusiveness and diversity throughout the FIT campus.