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Diversity in the Workplace

Women Breaking Into Sectors Traditionally Held by Men

Moderated by: Deanna Clarke, International Trade and Marketing

When it comes to fashion, some of the most well known roles of women in the industry are as models on the glamorous end of the spectrum, and as garment workers on the other. However, what about all of the "nitty gritty" in between? FIT's campus is full of bright students, a majority of which are women; however, on a global level, in certain sectors of the professional world, women still remain to be seen in large numbers. As these sectors relate to disciplines offered at FIT—the fashion industries, marketing, or international trade—women's numbers are slowly increasing in behind-the-scenes jobs traditionally held by men. As women around the world forge new paths into lines of work that once only had room for men, it is imperative that women share their experiences with other women to both educate and inspire future female participants and leaders.

Come and join your classmates and fellow alumni to learn more about how these dynamic women learned about and broke into their sectors, what their experiences has been, how they have dealt with workplace gender issues, and a whole lot more!

Deanna Clark, Esq.

Deanna Clark, Esq. is an adjunct faculty member in FIT's International Trade and Marketing Dept. and a Council Member on FIT's Diversity Council. She is also a Customs and International Trade attorney at Shayne Law Group in New York City, advising and advocating on behalf of clients on U.S. Customs import and export issues in the apparel and other industries.

Deanna writes an international trade blog called "International Trade for Everyday People" and has served as faculty on both and for the California State Bar Association. Deanna received her JD from Tulane Law School and holds an MA in Diplomatic Studies from the University of Malta's Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies. She also received her BA in Peace and Conflict Studies from U.C. Berkeley. She is admitted to the U.S. Court of International Trade, the Eastern and Southern District Courts of New York, and New York State.

Deanna currently serves as Vice President of the New York Chapter of the Organization of Women in International Trade and as a committee member of the New York County Lawyers Association's Minorities and the Law Committee.

Sara Eisman, FIT Alumna

Sara Eisman was most recently employed at Coleman Research Group, Inc. (CRG), a primary research firm operating within the financial services sector. CRG connects institutional investors with industry experts via telephone consultations, in-person meetings and roundtable discussions to facilitate primary research for buy-side research analysts.

Sara was responsible for project management, client servicing and relations, interfacing roles in various departments and partnering with clients on their research goals. She managed 24 clients, including some of the largest mutual funds, hedge funds and private equity firms, with an end user base of over 400 analysts covering virtually all industries and sectors on a global basis. Sara is currently enrolled in Fordham University's Pre-MBA program where she is preparing for re-entry into the educational field to obtain her MBA from a top tier university in New York in order to advance her career in the financial sector.

Sara holds a B.A. in International Trade and Marketing as well as an Associates Degree in Fashion Merchandising Management from FIT and continues to remain active with FIT since her graduation in 2007. She is also affiliated with Harvard Business School's Women's Student Association/Dynamic Women in Business Conferences, Young Wall Street, and 100 Women in Hedge Funds.

Stephanie Freundel, alumna

Stephanie Freundel is a graduate of Michigan State University and originally started her career as a Trusts and Estates paralegal in Michigan. Seeking a career change, Stephanie moved to NYC and matriculated into the International Trade and Marketing program at FIT on a part-time basis. Since her matriculation at FIT, Stephanie has participated in the Cotton Incorporated International Marketing Research Scholarship Competition where her team placed third, and was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa honor society.

Stephanie currently works as an Import Specialist for the federal agency U.S. Customs and is responsible for oversight of wine, cheese, chocolate, sugar and alcohol imports. In this capacity, Stephanie works with many other government agencies to facilitate legitimate trade and protect our nations food supply. She is also licensed with U.S. Customs as a Customs Broker.

Stephanie received her B.A. in Political Science in 2003, her diploma in paralegal studies from NYU in 2007, and plans to complete her B.S. in International Trade and Marketing from FIT in December 2011.

Michelle Weiss, alumna

Michelle Weiss is a graduate of FIT's International Trade and Marketing program. She is currently serving in a dual capacity as Co-President and Website Coordinator for the New York Chapter of the Organization of Women in International Trade.

Michelle works as a Customs and International Trade Specialist for Charter Brokerage. She is responsible for U.S. Customs compliance for oil imports including, tariff classification, valuation, country of origin determination, and the interpretation of trade data on imported merchandise for the oil industry.

Previously, Michelle worked at Inspectorate Sharp Global auditing trade support compliance programs. She also served as an intern at the U.S. Department of Commerce.