Construction Schedule for Current Week

The 31st Street Viaduct project and the Manhattan West development are proceeding under the management of Brookfield Properties, and operate in compliance with current health and safety guidance from the New York City Department of Buildings.

At Manhattan West, the Central Plaza is open to pedestrians and is ringed with a variety of dining options from kiosks to full service restaurants. Whole Foods Market is open at 5 Manhattan West. The plaza can be accessed from Ninth Avenue at 1 Manhattan West, and Whole Foods can be accessed from the plaza or from Tenth Avenue.

December 6 – December 10, 2021

Construction on 31st Street

31st Street Viaduct Replacement

Work Hours: Monday to Friday: 7 am – 6 pm

-Relocation of the existing utilities and installation of new utilities along the bridge deck continues.

-ConEd high pressure gas line extension work along 31st Street continues.

Ninth Avenue Construction Between 31st and 33rd Streets

Water Main Trunk Line Installation

Work Hours: Monday – Friday: 7 am – 3:30 pm.

-Installation work will continue between West 31st and West 33rd streets.

Steam Service

Nighttime Work: Monday – Friday: 3 pm – 11 pm

-ConEd will finish gas and electrical work continues. This work is noisy.

Manhattan West Construction

2 Manhattan West, Ninth Avenue at 31st Street

62-story office building

Nighttime Work: Monday to Friday: 3 pm – 11 pm

-The installation of scaffolding around the ground floor lobby continues.

Daytime Work: Monday to Friday: 7 am – 6 pm

-Steel erection has reached the 62nd floor and continues.

-Concrete pouring for floor slabs will continue to the 57th floor.

-Spraying of fireproofing will continue to the 52nd floor.

-Curtain wall installation (the glass on the outside of the building) will continue on floor 46.

-The four hoists are operational up to the 56th floor. The hoists are built on the Ninth Avenue side of the building, not facing Kaufman Hall.

-Steel, concrete and construction material deliveries will continue to enter the site on Ninth Avenue at 31st Street. Other construction and office build-out deliveries for the Manhattan West development will enter the site at the main portal on 31st Street, opposite the entrance to Kaufman Hall.

Upcoming Work

AC Hudson Yards Hotel

31st Street at Dyer Avenue

Construction Start Date: Not yet determined
This project will take about two and a half years from demolition through occupancy. The first 18 months will encompass demolition, excavation and site preparation, foundation work, and construction of the building exterior. The last year of work will be primarily within the building. We will provide notification once a start date is determined.