Clients are required to use FIT security, custodians, technical staff, and catering services.  Support services are billed on an hourly basis, with a four-hour minimum. Overtime will be charged when service is required beyond an eight-hour period or beyond pre-arranged event hours. Hourly rates are doubled when FIT is officially closed. See Rates and Fees.


Aramark Food Services provides full-service catering for your event. Services range from a simple continental breakfast, to a buffet lunch, snacks to formal dinner service, all prepared on site.

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China, linen, alcohol, wait staff, and coatroom attendants are also secured through Aramark. Alcohol is only permitted at events with prior approval and where all guests are over 21 years of age. Payment for catering is payable by credit card only; VISA and MasterCard are accepted.


FIT offers the following equipment free of charge for your event. All FIT equipment must be operated by authorized FIT personnel. Should additional equipment be required that is not in the FIT inventory, it can be obtained. Fees for additional equipment are based on equipment costs. Arrangements may be made to bring in your own equipment, provided that it is compatible with FIT systems.


  • podium with microphone
  • standing floor
  • handheld wireless
  • lapel/lavaliere
  • tabletop


  • Mac laptop
  • PC laptop
  • Clients may bring their own laptops, but must bring their own adapter to interface with FIT's VGA ports on the projector. FIT has cabling, but not adapters.

LCD Projectors

Televisions/DVD players

Sound Systems

  • portable system
  • CD player
  • cassette player
  • Morris W. and Fannie B. Haft Theater soundboard: 32-channel Soundcraft GB-8
  • Katie Murphy Amphitheatre soundboard: 24-channel Soundcraft K-2


  • in-house lighting designer
  • basic lighting package provided in the Haft Theater and the Katie Murphy Amphitheatre
  • house lights in the John E. Reeves Great Hall include four different pre-set looks


Nikos Post, External Events Manager

Mary S. Oleniczak, Executive Director of Events Management and Facilities Rental

(212) 217-4120
(212) 217-4121 fax