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Fall 2020 Dates
SBR 001:
Time: Twice a week from 7pm to 9pm
Tuition: $3,200
Location: Room TBA

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Listen Up! Sonic Branding: Intentional Audio in Design and Business is designed to educate branding professionals on the discipline of the use of sound as a strategic communication tool. This 10-week certificate program introduces the theories, principles, methodologies, and technologies of sonic branding. No previous music or audio experience is required.

This program examines the broad spectrum of touchpoints through which companies and organizations communicate — advertising, live events, products, services, internet, etc. and offers a rigorous approach for creating an audio brand to link those experiences, build brand value and guide creative teams.

The tools, methods, and best practices introduced in this program will help designers, writers, creatives and others responsible for communicating brands understand: a) the growing power and impact of sound in a shifting marketplace; b) the financial value of intentional, brand-based sound; and c) the appropriate “sound” and “feel” for brands, products, services, and experiences. From voice-branding and home assistants to wearables, VR, and AI, students will be well versed to understand and implement sonic branding. We will also take several local field trips to observe and work hands-on in a sonic branding studio. 

students in class

What You Will Learn

  • Emerging technologies in smart devices, healthcare, wearables, automobiles, and other forms of communications such as podcasts and voice assistants have greatly increased the number of places, or touchpoints, that the consumer interacts with the brand through sound. The industry of sonic branding is now at the forefront and brand imperative.
  • Full understanding of sonic branding: What it is, its process, methodologies opportunities in today’s new world of dynamic branding
  • Sound Touchpoint Assessment: Everywhere a brand is heard is an opportunity to connect with an audience. Learn the placements and considerations for deploying sound
  • Sonic branding strategy: How to develop one for a brand and what is involved from a strategic and creative perspective
  • Competitive research and analysis: How to stand out from the crowd
  • Tools of the Craft: Audio files for different platforms, optimizing for the best sound
  • Sonic Research and Testing: Analytics both qualitative and quantitative for the optimal sound selection
  • Legal and Licensing: Understanding of music usage rights, performance organizations, and how to legally implement sound into your branding and design

Why FIT?

  • Program is taught by Emmy Award-Winning Audrey Arbeeny, Executive Producer/Creative Director of Audiobrain
  • Earn a certificate from FIT, a world-renowned design school
  • Curriculum Designed by award winning faculty from FIT's Creative Technology & Design (CT&D) subject area which is a leader in digital design education
  • Learn cutting-edge experiential branding skills that are in high demand
  • Hands-on workshop provides an immersive learning experience
  • Explore cutting-edge technologies for multi-sensory experience design
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of sonic branding from strategy, creative, to business and licensing

Meet Our Faculty

Audrey ArbeenyAudrey Arbeeny, Owner and Executive Producer, Audiobrain
As Owner and Emmy™ Award-Winning Executive Producer/ Creative Director for Audiobrain, a globally recognized sonic branding boutique dedicated to the intentional development of music and sound. With over 20 years of experience, she is recognized throughout the world as a pioneer in sonic branding. Audiobrain has consistently stayed leaders in this field through innovation, research, education, advanced technological skills, and forward- thinking initiatives for some of the world’s largest brands.
Click to visit Prof. Arbeeny’s Audiobrain company website

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CT&D Advisory Board

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Paul Kim, Vice President of Strategy, North America HQ at Samsung Electronics 
Allison Ceraso, President and Chief Experience Officer, Havas Health Plus 
Marcin Ramocki, Chairman, MFA in Media Arts, New Jersey City University 
Akiko RokubeCreative Director, PwC Experience Center 
Jennifer BrunoDirector of Product, Fusion Media Group 
Ben MorejonCreative Director, Anomaly