Calendar of Events and Deadlines

Fall 2021

Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology 

FM 422 (Merchandise Strategies Capstone Project) Uncommon Goods Student Contest

This is a class project where senior students will create an innovative merchandise strategy for Uncommon Goods. The project allows the students to think critically and analyze financially a retail business. The students are then able to creatively consider a new strategy or idea for the sponsor company.  When the students graduate and transition to industry this skill will be highly utilized. As a merchant or retail /wholesale executive creating strategy is a highly coveted skill. This contest involves over 130 students across all sections of FM 422 Merchandising Strategies course.

FM 422 Merchandise Strategies Capstone Project Timeline

October 20, 2021                      6:00pm–8:30pm          Uncommon Goods Student Contest Presentation
November 24, 2021                             11:59pm           Uncommon Goods Student Contest (Student Consent Forms Deadline)
December 6, 2021                                                        Uncommon Goods Student Contest (Final Projects Deadline)
December 20, 2021                                                      Uncommon Goods Student Contest (Winners Announcement)

School of Art and Design  

Fall 2021 “Café Refresh” Student Contest

Aramark Corporation, known commonly as Aramark, is a food service, facilities, and uniform services provider to FIT. They are looking to make cosmetic changes to FIT's Student Cafeteria in order to keep the location fresh and modern.  New technology is being added in order to better display our food services however, there is a boarder that runs throughout the location that is non-descript and needs to tie in with a theme to the existing operations. Participants are being asked to develop a boarder theme that is conducive to food and city life for the FIT campus. 

“Café Refresh” Student Contest

October 5 , 2021                1:00pm              “Café Refresh” Student Contest (Contest Presentation and Sign-Up)
October 29 , 2021             11:59pm             “Café Refresh” Student Contest (Due date for design boards, sketches and                                                                                                                   Student Contest Rules and Consent Forms Deadline)
November 5, 2021                                       “Café Refresh” Student Contest (Selection of Finalists)
November 19, 2021                                     “Café Refresh” Student Contest (Deadline to submit final revisions)                                  
December 3, 2021                                       “Café Refresh” Student Contest (Winners Announcement)
Week of February 12, 2022                         “Café Refresh” Student Contest (Formal Dedication Ceremony)

Underfashion Club 2022 Student Design Contest

The Underfashion Club and its Scholarships, Awards, Internships and Grants (SAIG”) Committee are sponsoring a design competition that will be held in conjunction with the UFC Femmy Gala, the premier event of the Intimate Apparel Industry. The theme of the student contest is “Creative Comfort – The Reality of Today; the Dream of Tomorrow”. Student contest submissions will consist of one original design/garment created specifically for the Underfashion Club's contest and using the "Creative Comfort – The Reality of Today; the Dream of Tomorrow" theme.

Underfashion Club 2022 Student Design Contest Timeline

October 19 , 2021                1:00pm       Underfashion Club 2021 Student Design Contest (UFC Student Contest Presentation and Sign-Up)
November 15, 2021               11:59pm     Underfashion Club 2021 Student Design Contest (Due date for design boards, sketches, swatches                                                                           and Student Consent Forms Deadline)
November 12, 2021                               Underfashion Club 2021 Student Design Contest (Selection of Semi-Finalists)
January 3, 2022                                     Underfashion Club 2021 Student Design Contest (Due date for sewn garments (Completed Without                                                                           Hems and Minor Finishing Details)          
January 7, 2022                                     Underfashion Club 2021 Student Design Contest (Selection of Finalists)
February 14, 2022                                 Underfashion Club 2021 Student Design Contest (Review of Completed Garments)         
February 21, 2022                                 Underfashion Club 2021 Student Design Contest Photoshoot of Completed Garments)
Week of March 1 or March 7, 2022       Underfashion Club 2020 Student Design Contest (Virtual Garment Exhibition and Winners selection)

14th Annual $10,000 Supima Design Competition

America’s top design schools select one graduating senior to represent their respective school as a finalist to compete in the Supima Design Competition for a $10,000 cash prize and exposure to fashion press, social media influencers and fashion industry executives. Finalists are challenged to create a womens wear capsule collection using premium SUPIMA cotton fabrics. Working with a prominent fashion designer as mentor, students have the opportunity to learn what design elements translate to the runway and what will resonate with the judges. A prestigious panel of judges from the fashion and media world is charged with selecting a winner.

Supima Design Competition Timeline

April 30, 2021 - FIT selects/announces a finalist
Week of May 1, 2021 - Orientation call with Supima
May 10, 2021 - Mood board, collection inspiration and collections plans submission
May 17, 2021 - First round of sketches and color story submission
June 28, 2021 - Final sketches and color story submission
July 9, 2021 - Muslin fitting 
August 31, 2021 - September 2, 2021 - Final model fittings 
Week of September 9, 2021 - Judging and New York Fashion Week Runway Show