Institutional Research and Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness collects, organizes, and analyzes data and information to support internal planning, decision-making, and accreditation activities and to meet the reporting requirements of external constituencies. The Office promotes continuous improvement by providing leadership in the periodic program review for academic programs and administrative units as well as in assessing student learning.

In order to fulfill its mission, IR&E engages in a wide range of activities:

  • IR&E collaborates with other areas of the College to ensure the consistency, accuracy and completeness of FIT data.
  • IR&E supplies data for the purposes of compliance with federal and state requirements, and to a wide range of others, such as SUNY, media organizations, and faculty, staff and administrators at FIT.
  • IR&E manages the administration of surveys of students, staff and faculty; it has developed a comprehensive approach to the development and use of survey resources, increasing the coordination of surveys across campus, disseminating the results widely, and ensuring that results are used to effect change.
  • IR&E participates in the accreditation, budgeting, and planning functions of the college through synthesizing and applying all available information, assisting in decision-making, and coordinating planning activities.
  • IR&E guides, manages, and supports the assessment of student learning to ensure that assessment efforts are systematic, transparent, and documented, and that assessment evidence is used. IR&E partners with faculty, schools, and Academic Affairs in this process.
  • IR&E oversees the periodic reviews of academic programs and administrative units, ensuring that reviews result in concrete action plans for improvements.

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Institutional Research and Effectiveness

333 Seventh Avenue, 16th Floor
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Dr. Darrell Glenn, Assistant Dean
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Dr. Carolyn Comiskey, Executive Director of Assessment
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Laylage Courie, Research Analyst
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Julie Lectora, Research Associate
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Melvin Echols, Assessment Coordinator
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Seamus Dolan, Research Analyst
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