English Placement Tests & Exemptions

Competency in English skills is a graduation requirement at FIT/SUNY. Placement into the proper English course is an important factor in making sure you succeed. At FIT, placement into the appropriate English course is determined by taking the FIT English Placement Test. 

To make an appointment for an English Placement Exam go to: Scheduling a Test and Receiving Results

The only exemption from the placement test is transfer credit for a credit-bearing college-level English Composition course equivalent to EN121, or a more advanced credit-bearing college-level English writing course.  Official transcripts should be sent to the FIT Admissions Office. All transfer credit, whether obtained by previous college coursework or AP Exam, will be evaluated by the FIT Admissions Office.

(As of June 2021, FIT no longer uses SAT or ACT scores for placement into English courses.)