Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes are statements by faculty members that describe the most important things students will know and be able to do when they graduate from a program.

Associate in Applied Science Degree

Students who successfully complete the Fashion Design AAS program will be able to:

  • apply comprehensive abilities in creating and presenting product for entry-level positions in the fashion industry;
  • work well together as emerging team players and innovative design thinkers;
  • understand and implement new technologies relative to design development, material choices, and the manufacture and distribution of fashion;
  • adapt their inspired knowledge and abilities to ongoing changes in global fashion and related creative industries;
  • bring their evolving design point-of-view and work aesthetics to various types of imaginative challenges; and
  • explore sustainability in their design development.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

Students who successfully complete the Fashion Design BFA program will be able to:

  • create global design products utilizing their advanced knowledge of new technology and traditional craft;
  • identify problems, anticipate challenges, and envision solutions in existing fashion systems;
  • understand and incorporate sustainability decisions into their design aesthetics and creativity;
  • collaborate across disciplines as a team leader, effective team member, and innovative design thinker; and
  • function independently with a forward-looking ability to promote their inventive personal design vision through the creative work they present.