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Taste Diversity

From Diversity Soup to Inclusion Salad

Presented by: Professor Michael Cokkinos, Advertising and Marketing Communications

To highlight the achievements and contributions of FIT's diverse international and cultural groups and to have them come together to increase awareness, mutual respect and understanding, this year's TASTE DIVERSITY event will feature soups and salads. America is often described as the great melting pot; people from all over the world left their native lands to find a new way of life in the United States. The melting pot theory suggests the idea of America being a kind of cultural soup all blended together. On the other side of this cultural melting pot is the idea that each culture retains its identity through its traditions, values and cuisines. In a salad many individual ingredients come together to form a better tasting and more nutritious whole, while retaining their identities. In a salad bowl, each ingredient retains its flavor, color and texture, each complementing one another and enhancing its overall nutritional value. Diverse yet unified, the salad can teach a lot about international diversity.