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Workplace Walk-Off Challenge

Walk Off Guidelines

  • Stay tuned for the Spring 2018 Challenge.

The goal of this challenge is to keep you moving.  We want to help you improve your health by increasing daily physical activity, while participating in the Challenge and thereafter.  There are many proven health benefits to physical activity as noted by the Center for Disease Control as well as the American Heart Association.

What is the first step to the Challenge?  Form teams two minimum and up to four faculty or staff members from each department and/or division or school. Team members must be from the same division.  You can only participate in one team.  Next, register your team with the Wellness Program.  You may find the registration form at the Wellness Program Challenge.  A captain and a co-captain for each team must be selected.  Teams will participate by collectively monitoring their walking for a period of four weeks to accumulate steps.  Please note:  You must use the Chrome browser to access all forms in the Walk-Off Challenge.

Walk-off Rules

  • Steps taken while walking are counted everyday (seven days) for four weeks.
  • Steps will be counted daily with a step tracking device (commonly called a pedometer). There are several types of pedometer currently available on the market and they can be purchased at stores like Target or Walmart.  You can also purchase one online at stores such as PedometersUSA.
  • There will be NO conversion of other activities to step equivalents from estimation tables or equations.
  • Each team will designate a captain and a co-captain who will be in charge of teams affairs (remind members to log steps and/or encourage participation in group walks).  Team captain or co-captain will collect the daily total of steps for walkers on the team and will tally the totals at the end of the week into the google form that will be sent to captains.  Team should be reporting time only for walkers on the team or be disqualified.
  • Every team captain will record the total steps for the team in the google form by Monday at 5 pm for steps from the previous week.  (Google forms will be emailed to team captains each week). Please note:  Teams that do not submit the totals by the deadline will be disqualified.  A co-captain may be selected to assist the team captain.
  • Challenge is open to Faculty and Staff only.
  • Participation in the challenge must not interfere with participants work hours or responsibilities.

Each team member will be on the honor system when tracking his or her steps.  The challenge is a team challenge as well as a personal challenge to do your best.

On April 2, 2018 the challenge begins; our completion weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday night.  Each team captain has until 5 PM every Monday to enter their total steps from the previous week.  The first submission for team steps will be April 9, 2018.  Late submission will result in disqualification.  Team members will record their steps on the Weekly Steps Log. Submission of steps must be done on a desktop device.  Mobile devices were not successfully logging information. 

The weekly goals are as follows:

  • Week 1:    30,000 steps
  • Week 2:    40,000 steps
  • Week 3:    60,000 steps
  • Week 4:    70,000 steps*

*Fun fact:  70,000 steps a week meets the recommendation of at least 10,000 steps per day!

Determining the Winner
The team with the highest total steps at the end of the competition is the winner!   The competition ends on Sunday, April 29, 2018.  Final submission of steps will be Monday, April 30, 2018.  Make sure to enter all team member steps each week!

  • Winning Team will receive gift certificates with a value of $50 to Whole Foods
  • Second Place Team will receive gift certificates with a value of $25 to Whole Foods

Additionally, the winning team gets the Workplace Walk-Off Shoe Trophy to be displayed in the winners department (along with bragging rights for the next year!) and shared amongst the teammates until the following years challenge begins.  However, the ultimate gift will be the gift you give yourself of better health!

Last years winners were Team Hot Steppers of the Registrar's Office.  Will they maintain their hold on the trophy?  We shall see at the end of the competition! 


Funding for the Employee Wellness Program is provided by the Student Faculty Corporation.