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About the Program

What degree does ITM offer? 

The Department of International Trade for The Fashion Industries (ITM) offers a two-year Bachelor of Science in International Trade and Marketing degree. Currently, ITM does not have a lower division program, thus all incoming students join it with an earned Associate degree or a minimum of 60 credits. ITM also attracts students who have earned Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees.

What is ITM's mission?

ITM prepares students for management positions in international trade and global fashion and creative companies.  Students pursue careers in import/export companies as well as international companies dealing with law, finance, customs compliance, trade policies, management, marketing, sourcing, logistics, research, educational, and sustainability.

Bachelor of Science Degree

Upon graduating from the International Trade and Marketing BS program, students will be skilled in the following:

  • Professionalism/Ethics: Students will cite their sources of information in order to submit assignments for ethical assessment.
  • Decision Making: Students will solve international trade and marketing business challenges and make decisions in the best interest of companies and stakeholders in the global fashion and creative sectors.
  • Communication: Students will communicate effectively through accepted business practices associated with the fashion and creative industries.
  • Technology: Students will use technology to complement and present their knowledge and ideas in the global fashion and creative business environment.
  • Critical Thinking: Students will gather, analyze, differentiate, and evaluate information to make sound decisions related to key management issues.
  • Global Perspective: Students will apply knowledge of the political, legal, ethical, cultural, quality assurance, transportation, technological, and customs issues as well as implement strategies associated with global trade and marketing.
  • Management/Teamwork: Students will work independently and in teams, using leadership and interpersonal skills to complete projects and other assessment methods according to relevant business practices.

What is ITM's philosophy? 

ITM's philosophy is to provide a professional, industry-ready education with a global perspective, complemented by a solid liberal arts program. This philosophy is inspired by FIT's mission to facilitate the development of the next generation of business talent by providing students with highly useful, specifically-customized experiential-education opportunities that advance them personally, academically, and professionally and raise their marketability quotients in the global world of work.

What does ITM teach?

ITM courses have been developed, and are continuously updated, to meet the evolving needs and standards of fashion companies conducting international business operations. Through continuous monitoring of current business practices, and with the feedback from advisory board members, internship sponsors, mentors, professional associations, students-contest sponsors, employers, and alumni, the department has developed eight teaching fields which, together, mirror the activities of a U.S. fashion firm conducting international transactions. ITM's eight teaching fields are:

ITM Teaching Fields Courses
1 U.S. Trade Policies & World Trade IN312 International Trade
IN492 International Trade Practicum (Field trip abroad)
2 International Trade Law IN441 International Business Law
IN443 International Business Strategies & Fashion Law
3 International Finance IN313 International Business Transactions
IN442 International Finance
4 Global Sourcing IN201 Global Sourcing: Textile Industries
IN301 Global Sourcing: Home Furnishings
IN433 Global Sourcing
5 Import/Export Regulations

IN320 Compliance Management in International Trade
IN323 Import/Export Regulations

6 International Logistics IN341 International Logistics
7 International Marketing

IN322 Global Marketing
IN324 International Marketing Research
IN423 Global Marketing of Luxury Brands
IN424 Export Promotion Marketing

8 International Management IN342 International Corporate Responsibility
IN434 International Management

Who are the ITM faculty?

ITM faculty are experts in their fields and have strong connections with industry. They have at least ten years of professional experience in executive positions, have done business in many countries in six continents, and actively participate in international business and educational conferences including, but not limited to, Australia, France, Thailand, Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Israel, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Iceland, Hungary, Hong Kong, Nepal, Jordan, South Korea, China, Monaco, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Canada, and Guatemala.

ITM faculty are active members of professional organizations that serve their professions and industries, such as the New York District Export Council, Cotton Board, United States Fashion Industry Association, Continuing Education Association of New York, the Organization of Women in International Trade, Fashion Group International, Women's Forum International as well as Custom Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association.

Where do ITM graduates work?

In a recent survey, ITM graduates were found working as import/export managers, international buyers, policy analysts, foreign currency experts, marketing managers, editors in international publications, production management coordination, managing branches of international retail chains, university professors, etc. Their salaries range, depending on employment length and seniority, between $40,000 and $130,000. One-hundred percent of the surveyed graduates believe that ITM is an effective program and that it gave them a global perspective.