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Travel Policy

Retrieved from 12/14/2011 Memo to the FIT Community 


Travel Reimbursements: (refer to BiTech Policies and Procedures on INSIDEFIT)

Original receipts must be presented for all expenses, except for tips and snacks under $5.00

Reimbursement forms must be approved by the same supervisor who approved the original travel request. Employees cannot approve their own expense reimbursements 


Travel Advances: (refer to BiTech Policies and Procedures on INSIDEFIT)

Must be approved by a supervisor

Backup should include information on the conference, event, purpose of trip

College will pay as an advance:

o 100% of hotel and transportation

o 75% of meals and incidental expenses 


Transportation to and from airport or train station:

Fully refunded with receipts, plus tolls and up to 15% tip

Should use most economical travel options



Basic room and occupancy tax fully refundable when staying at hotel where conference is being held, or if hotel is recommended by the conference

Room service, laundry and pay TV charges will not be reimbursed

In addition to business related telephone calls (to the College), one personal telephone call per day while traveling will be reimbursed 


Airfare /Railfare:

Economy or coach tickets only 


Car Rentals:

Only allowed when no other means of transportation is available. The most economical parking options should be used.

Car rental expenses for personal use during a conference will not be reimbursed

Personal Automobile:

NYS/IRS approved mileage rate (currently .55 cents/mile) plus tolls

Should only be used if more economical than air or rail

The most economical parking options should be used at conference sites or when deciding to parking at an airport versus taking a cab to airport. 



The College will reimburse for meals purchased during work related travel upon submission of original receipts up to a total of $50.00 per day. Tips and snacks under $5.00 do not require receipts.

Alcoholic beverages consumed during a meal will not be reimbursed


Tipping and Gratuities

Payment for customary and reasonable tips and gratuities such as baggage handling and for transportation services is permitted. The cost of tips for meal service is included in the daily meal allowance and will not be reimbursed as a separate expense. 


Personal Travel and Entertainment:

Optional conference banquet expenses will be covered with prior approval from supervisor

Expenses for non-conference related entertainment or travel in the conference host city will not be reimbursed 


To request reimbursement of travel funds, complete the Travel and Business Expense Report form and attach expense details.