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Vacancy Review Committee

Requests are due in Human Resources in the first week of the month.  
Kindly send your submission to your HR Generalist.


On May 20, 2008, President Brown and Vice President Brabham announced the creation of a Vacancy Review Committee to review requests to fill all vacancies (other than classroom faculty positions) and make recommendations to the President.

The Committee, composed of the Vice President for Finance and Administration, the Vice President for Human Resource Management and Labor Relations, and the Deputy to the President, will meet monthly to review requests.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs will join the committee to review requests to fill vacancies for all academic areas. The purpose of this review is to ensure that hiring decisions are made that are consistent with FIT's strategic direction, that there is a focus on productivity savings, and that changes in job functions have been considered.

Over the years, new technologies have emerged, priorities and responsibilities have shifted, and the nature of our service delivery in many cases has changed. While in the past, full replacement of vacant positions was the norm, in a changing environment with limited funding and increasing demands for new projects and initiatives, it is important that every vacancy is looked at critically.

All vacancies except classroom and non-classroom faculty positions will require review by the Vacancy Review Committee. Vacancies that a senior administrator does not intend to fill immediately need not be presented to the Committee until those vacancies are ready to be filled. The Committee will meet monthly in accordance with the schedule below.

A Vacancy Review Request Form must be completed and submitted with appropriate backup materials to the Office of Human Resources by the dates noted below in order for it to be placed on the respective agenda. (If there is an emergency request to fill a vacancy that cannot wait until the next Committee, the Vice President for Human Resource Managment and Labor Relations will attempt to convene the Committee to accommodate the request).

The Committee will present its recommendations to the President and notify the respective senior administrator shortly thereafter. Should the senior administrator not agree with the recommendation of the Committee, s/he may appeal directly to the President. If the President approves the position, Human Resources will contact the respective senior administrator to begin the search process.

Once the search process is complete, approvals from the President, Vice President, etc. will be required before an actual offer is made to an individual, depending on the nature of the position. Since staffing represents approximately 75% of FIT's total budget, it is important that we ensure that our human resources address not only today's needs, but also focus on our future. Questions should be directed to Human Resources at 212 217.3650.

Vacancy Review Request Form

The Vacancy Review Request form has been designed to facilitate the review process. The form, once completed and approved by the respective senior administrator, should be forwarded along with supporting materials to the Office of Human Resources.

The form requests basic information about the position including job description, justification for the position, and table of organization. The Office of Human Resources is available to assist in the development of job descriptions and/or tables of organization.

In developing the justification for these positions, the following should be considered:

  • How does this position support the goals of the strategic plan?
  • How does this position support service delivery to students, faculty/staff? 
  • Has there been automation or business process reengineering in the area where this position is located that may change how the future incumbent in this position will carry out his/her assignments? 
  • How has this position evolved, particularly if it has been filled with the same employee for a significant period of time?
  • How do the changes in this position foster the attainment of the strategic direction of the College?
  • What would be the consequences of not filling this position? 
  • Is this position supported by non-operating budget funding, e.g., fees, grants/contracts, etc.?

While all of these questions may be not be applicable to support each request they should provide some direction as to the type of information the Committee will be seeking. Additional information or materials to assist the Committee with the evaluation of requests should be submitted as well.

Vacancy Review Request Form