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What to do if I am involved in a work related injury?

If job-related illnesses or injuries do occur, it is essential the employee receive prompt first aide care regardless of how minor the illness or injury may seem. It is important that the employee report the incident immediately to a supervisor and the Office of Human Resources at (212) 217-3650. All accidents must be reported to the Security Department at (212) 217-7777, or by using one of red emergency phones located throughout campus. Security personnel responding to an accident will produce a report of the incident. The Office of Human Resources will receive a copy of your Security Incident Report. After you report your injury, the Office of Human Resources will provide you with an Employees Injury/Illness Report Form. It is the employees responsibility to complete this form and obtain a supervisors signature and, forward it to the Office of Human Resources as soon as possible. The FIT Office of Human Resources will process a Workers Compensation claim through PMA. The Office of Human Resources or PMA can then provide you with a PMA Workers Compensation claim number if available.

How will I know if I am eligible for benefits?

A PMA Claims Representative will contact you to ask how you are and ask you questions about your claim. The Claims Representative may also ask you to complete a medical authorization form. This form will enable PMA to obtain your medical records from your treating physician, which will help PMA determine your benefits eligibility faster. The Claims Representative will review the accident and medical reports from your doctor and notify you of your eligibility for benefits within 18 days of your disability date, or within 10 days after PMA knows of the accident which ever time period is later.

If you qualify for workers compensation, PMA will pay for necessary services related to your work injury or illness once notified, unless the treatment is found to be unreasonable. If the employee is faced with an immediate medical emergency, s/he may secure initial assistance from an Emergency Room or any hospital or physician of his/her choice. Employees should provide their hospital or physician with their PMA Workers Compensation claim number. Employees should keep their medical appointments and follow their healthcare providers instructions on and off work. Additionally, employees are responsible for keeping their supervisors and the Office of Human Resources informed of their recovery progress and anticipated return to work.

How do I get paid? Do I have to charge my time banks?

Lost time as a result of a work-related injury or accident that also qualifies as a medical leave of absence will be charged against an eligible employees Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitlement. Furthermore, employees should charge their available paid-time-off time banks for their absences from work if applicable. The FIT Office of Human Resources will be notified in writing with details of a decision on your claim by the Workers Compensation Board (WCB). Loss of time an employee has charged to their paid-time-off time bank(s) will be reinstated by the Office of Human Resources after we receive a decision from the WCB on your claim.

Do I need an attorney to obtain my benefits?

By state law, employees are eligible for workers compensation benefits if they have a job-related injury or illness. The decision to hire an attorney should be made at the employees discretion. Most workers compensation claims are not disputed by insurance companies and medical and wage benefits are paid at no cost to the employee. Generally, employees will not need an attorney to obtain benefits.

What is the process for employees returning to work?

If you are injured at work, our goal is to return you to your pre-injury status as soon as possible. The Office of Human Resources will be available to work with you to help you to a quicker recovery and safe return to regular work but it can only be effective if we work together. When employees report an injury, the Office of Human Resources will give you a Return to Work Certification Form for your healthcare provider to complete. This form may be in addition to requisite leave forms you may have to complete if you require a leave of absence. Based on the information provided by your health care provider, the Office of Human Resources will work with you and your supervisor in helping you transition back to work.