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What is FIT's Workers' Compensation policy?


This policy was established to provide protection for employees in the event of loss of time or medical expenses due to work-related accidents, injuries or illnesses.


Employees at FIT are covered under the New York State Workers Compensation law. In the event of a qualifying job-related injury or illness, workers compensation pays for necessary and reasonable medical care expenses related to the injury or illness. Workers compensation may also provide some reimbursement for lost wages.

In the event of an accident/injury, employees should first seek first aid or other medical attention as necessary. It is essential that employees promptly report any job-related accident, injury, or illness, no matter how minor the injury may seem. Accident/injury reports must be made to the Security Department either by dialing (212) 217-7777 or by picking up any of the red emergency phones located around the campus. In addition, it is important that employees report their accident/injury to the Office of Human Resources and their supervisor as soon as it is possible. Supervisors may also report an employee injury to the Office of Human Resources on the employees behalf. For more information on FIT's Workers Compensation program, or to report a claim, call the Office of Human Resources at (212) 217-3650.


This policy applies to all FIT and related auxiliary corporation employees.