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Team Results

2018 Team Results
First Place 
WWOC 2018 First Place Winners
Team:  Sashay Away                                                                               Total Steps:  2,172,476 
Captain: Joey Schaljo
Co-Captain: Jeffrey Manning (not available for photo)
Walkers: Joey, Jeffrey, Alex Alorro, Jocelin Engel

Second Place
WWOC 2018 Second Place Winners
Team:  Regi-Stars                                                                            Total Steps:  2,045,600 
Captain: Emily Dominguez
Co-Captain: Venita Walker
Walkers: Emily, Venita, Elizabeth Morales, Yvette Dunbar

Honorable Mentions

  • Disciples
  • High Steppers
  • Rocktopus
  • The Little Office that Could
  • The Three Musketeers
  • IT for FIT Walkers
  • The Holy Walk-a-Molies
  • The Stepping Trio
  • The 27's

Our appreciation and thanks to our photographer, Herbert Walton.

Photography provided by Herbert Walton, #pixbyherb, Instagram: @pixbyherb

2017 Team Results
First Place 
2017 Workplace Walk-Off Challenge 1st Place Team
Team:  Out Chasing Steps                                                          Total Steps:  2,720,458
Captain:  Gissell Dume-Perez
Co-Captain:  Jeffrey Manning
Walkers:   Gissell, Jeffrey, Matthew Krein, Alex Alorro

Second Place
2017 Workplace Walk-Off Challenge 2nd Place Team
Team:  The Hot Steppers
Captain:  Emily Dominguez                                                        Total Steps:  2,405,037
Co-Captain: Venita Walker
Walkers:  Emily, Venita, Elizabeth Morales, Yvette Dunbar

Honorable Mentions
2017 Workplace Walk-Off Standings

  • You Know, One Time
  • The Student Life Steppers
  • JaDaNa²
  • Witness the Fitness
  • Trail Blzers
  • The FIT-ABLE Foursome
  • Walk A Tears
  • Disciples
  • Red Hot Chili Steppers
  • The Power Walking Dead
  • Etcetera
  • Sweet 403
  • The Blister Sisters
  • The Clackers

The Awards Ceremony was well-attended and participants in the WWOC were able to enjoy themselves and share their experiences with the challenge.  Our appreciation and thanks to our photographer, Herbert Walton.

Photography provided by Herbert Walton, #pixbyherb, Instagram: @pixbyherb

2016 Team Results
First Place
First Place Winners picture
Team:  Hot Steppers                                                                     Total Steps:  2,521,170
Captain:  Emily Dominguez
Co-Captain:  Venita Walker
Walkers:  Emily, Venita, Yvette Dunbar and Ellyn Halpern

Second Place
Second Place Winners Picture
Team:  The Fantastic Four                                                          Total Steps:  2,230,333
Captain:  Devon Vidal
Co-Captain:  Nedean Wilson
Walkers:  Devon, Nedean, Tardis Johnson and Flora Slamet

Attendees at Awards Ceremony held on May 17th 

Walkers Left Photo  Walkers Right Photo
Pictured: (Left Photo - Rear) Venita Walker, Ellyn Halpern, Hadija Aljuwani, Jocelin Engel and Mark Fabbi.  (Left Photo - Front) Emily Dominguez, Yvonne Dunbar, Isolina Perez and Gissell Dume-Perez.  (Right Photo - Rear) Tardis Johnson, Percess Atteloney, Ellyn Lynch, Nedean Wilson and Devon Vidal.  (Right Photo - Front) Elizabeth Morales, Gladys Sotomayor, Sandra Walcott and Flora Slamet.

2016 Photography provided by Diana Reyes

Honorable Mentions

  •     Fashionistas                                                    
  •     Painted Nail Emoji                                         
  •     M.S. Tribute Band                                          
  •     The Walking Force                                         
  •     Heart and Sole A&D Steppers                        
  •     Cody’s Cowboys                                             
  •     KMMD Foot Stompers                       
  •     CIS Team #1                                                   
  •     JaNaDa                                                           
  •     The Disciples                                                  
  •     Blistered Sisters                                             
  •     Determined                                                    
  •     FA Striders

Those who attended the awards ceremony shared tips on how they increased their steps and were encouraged by sharing their journey. Some were so encouraged that they have decided to get together as groups to continue challenging each other to get moving and build up their steps.   The program has helped with decreasing stress, lowering blood pressure and also losing weight.  Although this event may be, challenge yourself to continue moving, building up your own daily steps.  Remember, small steps lead to great progress.