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General Medical & Gynecological

General Medical & Gynecological
Available to:
• Students enrolled for credit courses
Available as:
• Walk-in
• Appointment
Make an appointment:
• Online @ the health portal
• By phone, 212 217.4190
• In person, David Dubinsky Rm A402

General medical & gynecological services at Health Services include diagnosis and treatment of general medical conditions. We can help you with majority of your health care needs including acute problems such as respiratory illnesses (e.g. cold, cough, sore throat), skin problems, ear problems, gynecological problems, stomach problems, UTI, and minor emergencies; as well as chronic illnesses and concerns.


We provide many medications prescribed by our health practitioners free of charge. We offer some medications such as emergency contraceptive pills at a cost. Our health practitioners can write prescriptions for medications needed that we don't have at the Health Services. Contact your health insurance for details on prescription coverage.