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FIT students requiring treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) have three options:



Continue care and medication treatment with your current managing provider outside of FIT.  Arrangements should be made to obtain medications prior to arriving on campus and again while on breaks or by other means.



Obtain a new provider in the NYC area to continue/transfer care from your original physician or to initiate care with a new provider if you are seeking an evaluation to investigate whether you have or need treatment for ADHD/ADD.

Click here for a list of sites for evaluation and other services in the NYC area (.pdf). The list is provided for your convenience and do not imply an endorsement of the information or services provided by listed practitioners. These outside providers are not affiliated with FIT College and therefore billing for these visits will be done through the traditional medical insurance system or by out of pocket fee-for services.  Please contact your medical insurance company about coverage benefits for testing, treatment and physician coverage for this disorder. Testing centers often have waiting lists for evaluations and the results can take 4-8 weeks.



Obtain prescriptions from FIT Health Services. This option does not have the benefit of continuity of care with the previous managing provider or the expertise provided by a specialist in the field of ADHD/ADD.

Required documents:

All of the following documentations are required before prescriptions for ADHD/ADD can be administered by FIT Health Services:

  • A summary on a physicians letter head that includes diagnosis, date of diagnosis, length of treatment with medications for this diagnosis and a plan of care clearly describing medication management and other treatment modalities to be carried out.
  • A summary of behavioral testing and/or neuro-psychiatric testing from within the last 4 years, that is an accepted gold standard test for evaluating and diagnosing ADHD/ADD.  This must include the name of the testing performed, the date of evaluation and a summary of the results.
  • A summary of a plan of care will have to be provided from the current managing physician each calendar year moving forward in order to continue receiving medication prescriptions from FIT Health Services.

FIT students who choose to receive prescriptions from FIT Health Services and provide all the proper documentation will be able to receive prescriptions for ADHD/ADD treatment from FIT Health Services providers as described in the plan of care from their current providing physician.  No changes can be made in medications or dosages unless a new plan of care is provided to FIT Health Services reflecting those changes in treatment.

Ways to send your documents:

If you have any questions, please call us at 212 217.4190.