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Health Services

If you have an on-campus emergency, call the Department of Public Safety at extension 7-7777.  If you have an off-campus emergency, call 911.

New Student RquirementsARE YOU AN INCOMING or new STUDENT?

Visit our Requirements for New Students page for a list of requirements before you begin classes at FIT.

For questions or more information, please call us at 212 217.4190.

Student Health Insurance Waiver due 9/15FALL 2016 STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE WAIVER DUE 9/15

Students can be excused from the mandatory insurance if they have equal or better health coverage from another company. In order to waive the mandatory insurance for Fall 2016, students must submit an online waiver form by September 15, 2016.

Instructions on how to waive the student health insurance is available at the Student Health Insurance page.

The Health Services is a primary care facility staffed by nurse practitioners and physicians. The Health Services Office is funded by the Health Services fee assessed to all full-time students who are eligible to utilize the Health Services Office.

The Health Services provides general medical and gynecological care, and carries a limited supply of medications free of charge to full-time students. Comprehensive lab tests needed for diagnostic purposes are performed on site by Quest and Labcorp. Any time you are ill, or have questions concerning your health, we are here to help you. We encourage you not only to use the services, but to offer suggestions and comments.

A referral list of consultants is available in cases where a specialist's evaluation and treatment are indicated; however, these and some other services, such as X-rays and lab tests not provided at FIT, are at the student's own expense. Students may consult their health insurance for coverage on these services.

If you have any questions, comments, and/or suggestions regarding the Health Services website, please stop by the Health Services at Room A402 or call 212 217.4190.