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Department Grants Liaisons

Grants liaisons from each department work with the Grants Office to inform faculty of the services available. These services include assistance in applying for individual or departmental grants, including research on funding sources, and working with project directors on narratives and budgets.

Liaisons receive notices throughout the year about funding opportunities, residencies, etc. that are appropriate for faculty members in their departments.

Liaison responsibilities:

  • distribute grants-related information to faculty members;
  • at department meetings, discuss how the Grants Office can help individual faculty apply for grants, as well as work with the department as a whole;
  • meet with chairpersons to discuss possible department projects and let them know what services and resources are available from the Grants Office;
  • meet with individual faculty members to discuss their interests (e.g., research, creative work, travel) and to answer their questions;
  • refer chairpersons and faculty to Grants Office staff for further information; and
  • promote the Grants Office website.

School of Art and Design
School of Business and Technology
School of Liberal Arts
School of Graduate Studies
Center for Continuing and Professional Studies
Other College Units

School of Art & Design

Accessories Design
Ellen Goldstein-Lynch
D-365 / Ext. 75402

Communication Design
Ron Bacsa
D-304 / Ext. 75634

Computer Graphics
Terry Blum
D-339-A / Ext. 75442

Fashion Design - Apparel
Leonard Bess,
B-701 / Ext. 75007

Fine Arts
Cynthia Gallagher
D-323-A / Ext. 75834

Ed Soyka
D-332 / Ext. 75803

Interior Design
Eric Daniels
D-532 / Ext. 75578

Jewelry Design
Michael Coan
D-303 / Ext. 75725

Packaging Design
Marianne Klimchuk
D-325 / Ext. 75702

Jessica Wynne
D-345 / Ext. 75510

Textile & Surface Design
Susanne Goetz 
B-521 / Ext. 75160

Toy Design
Judy Ellis
B-231 / Ext. 75120

Visual Presentation & Exhibition Design
Larry Langham
D-349 / Ext. 75482

School of Liberal Arts

Educational Skills
Charlotte Brown
B-602 / Ext. 75255

English & Communication Studies
Barbara Janoff
B-602 / Ext. 75362

Foreign Languages & Cultures
Ellen Jaffee
A-331 / Ext. 75102

Health & Physical Education
Amy Zaborowski
AX-13 / Ext. 75102

History of Art
Richard Turnbull
B-634 / Ext. 74668

Science & Mathematics
Karen Pearson
B-831 / Ext. 73035

Social Sciences
Margaret Miele
B-634 / Ext. 74928

School of Business & Technology

Advertising & Marketing Communications
Michael Cokkinos
B-403 / Ext. 74476

Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing
Virginia Bonofiglio 
B-436 / Ext. 74253

Fashion Business Management
Ann Cantrell
B-320 / Ext. 74909

Film, Media, and Performing Arts
Amy Zaborowski-Smith
AX1B - 744220

Home Products Development
Shannon Maher
B-436 / Ext. 74980

International Trade & Marketing
Christine Pomeranz
B-452 / Ext. 74282

Production Management Fashion & Related Industries
Peter Chan
B-411/ Ext. 74784

Technical Design & Patternmaking Certificate
Luz Pascal
B-436/ Ext. 74416

Textile Development & Marketing
Ajoy Sarkar
B-436/ Ext. 75239

Center for Continuing and Professional Studies

Christine Helm
Enterprise Center D-130
Ext. 74622

School of Graduate Studies

Umilta Allsop
E-315 / Ext. 74310

Other College Units

Career & Internship Center
Connie Passarella
B-202 / Ext. 73011

Leslie Preston
E-619C / Ext. 74346

Tanya Melendez
E-301 / Ext. 74536

FIT Writing Studio
Brian Fallon
B-623 / Ext. 73062