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After You Receive Your Grant

Congratulations! You’ve been awarded a grant. Now what?

The Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs is the central college unit for grant records. Proper documentation of awards is essential, to help ensure that our grants are successful and our campus-wide management of grants is efficient and in compliance with grant-maker requirements.

If you are notified about an award, your first point-of-contact is the Grants Office at 212 217.3625 or by emailing

Please contact us as soon as you receive the good news. We will follow the proper FIT protocols, to ensure that the right stakeholders are notified in a timely way. We will work with you to ensure that grant-makers are promptly thanked and that any award confirmation documents or funding agreements are processed.

We will also work with the FIT Office of Finance & Administration to help ensure that your award is appropriately processed and that you have timely access to funds.