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FIT Film and Media Screening Series

Fall 2017 Films

Screenings begin at 6:30 pm, Pomerantz Center, Room D207

Still from the movie Model

MODEL (1980)

Tuesday, September 12
Director Fredrick Wiseman in Person
Runtime 124 minutes

MODEL begins at an elite modeling agency on the Upper East Side of Manhattan where applicants offer their portfolios to somewhat clinical, but constructively critical employees. Showing male and female models at work, MODEL reveals the business behind the glamour, presenting a view of the intersections of fashion, business, advertising, photography and fantasy.

"Brilliantly distills both the excitement and the emptiness." – The New York Times 

Still from the movie Design Is One

Design is One (2013)

Tuesday, October 17
Director Kathy Brew in Person
Runtime 79 minutes

Adhering to their self-proclaimed motto, "If you can't find it, design it," Lella & Massimo Vignelli are two of the world's most influential designers. After Massimo brought the Helvetica typeface to America in 1965, he and Lella moved on to a diverse array of projects, including New York's subway signage and branding for Knoll International, Bloomingdales, and Saks Fifth Avenue.
Directed by Kathy Brew & Roberto Guerra.

"This smart, information-rich film is enlivened by the charm of the intelligent, eccentric couple at its heart." – Miriam Bale, The New York Times 

Still from selected films by Richard Kroehling


Monday, November 13
Director Richard Kroehling in Person
Runtime 120 minutes

Two-time Emmy Award winning director ROBERT KROEHLING in person with a selection of several of his films including: WAR, an adaptation of the play WAR by celebrated Swedish playwright Lars Noren; AFTER, a performance film exploring some of the world's greatest poets and excerpts from the gallery installations SHADOW CASTING ME and 15 MASTER SHOTS.

"The most astonishing and poetic compression of grand ideas ever managed in one hour of television." – Robert Koehler, The Los Angeles Times